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“Breath-Taking” Athens: The Day After with Shocking Videos

“Orders! They had orders!” Mina is very upset on the phone this morning. “They had orders to destroy the peaceful protests!” Mina is a middle aged friend, who calls me early in the morning to discuss Wednesday’s incidents. Mina, as the majority of the Greeks are totally shocked about the tones of tear gas thrown in downtown Athens even in the metro station, the excessive use of police violence, the shocking video footage showing police throwing flash grenades in tourists’ restaurants.

Video: Mitropoleos Street/ Tourist Area

People sit in cafes next to Athens Cathedral; police squad comes with bikes; some throw water bottles; police answers with tear gas and falsh genades; people swear and condemn them

“They tried to stop us, but they won’t”, Mina tells me in one breath. “We’re definitely going to the protest this evening, it’s our democratic right!”.

Video: People seek shelter in the metro station

Mina went with husband and her 16 years old twin boys on Syntagma Sq on Tuesday. The family stood there for two hours, with tears in their eyes due to tear gas. “I want to show my children that you have to speak out, not just to take passively everything”, she stresses, as her voice get louder with anger.

Video: Police destroys “Indignant” Greeks’ camp

“Indignant” Greek get clubbed

Mina is just one of the millions of Greeks who condemn Wednesday’s incidents as ‘brutal suppression of the democratic right to protest’.

“They destroyed everything so people get scared and won’t join the protests” says Manolis, 64, the kiosk man in my neighborhood. “They had a plan, they are afraid of the people”.

The impact of the Mid-Term Austerity Programme adopted with 155 votes at the Parliament is not on the agenda this morning. It’s the police behaviour, the role of possible agents provocateurs, the image Greece sends to tourists.

“Sad, I am so sad, about what happens with my country” says Aleka, another friend. “There is no democracy anymore, that’s a socialist junta”.

Dimitris Messinis, chief photographer in international news agency said in state TV NET, “I am speechless! I have covered many war zones, but I have never seen such a thing. There is no excuse for this excessive use of tear gas. I don’t know what interests were served”.

Video: Police Tear Gas Metro ‘Syntagma’ Station

This morning the city leaks its wounds. Syntagma Square looks like a battle field.

People walk around with masks then the air is still polluted.

“I apologize in front of the citizens. That’s a Shame!” Spokesman of Greek Policemen Association told private radio “Real FM” this morning.

On Wednesday, Brussels and the Greek government welcomed the adoption of the Mid-Term Austerity with a relieving deep breath. Thousands of Greeks in Athens almost died of suffocation. 


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  1. Papandreou talks a lot about making Greece like a Mediterranean Sweden. Maybe someone should inform him that in Sweden all Police helmets have big and clear numbers, so that you can identify and prosecute the police that are committing crimes, which I assume those acts are even in Greece already.

  2. Nadie confía ya en la UE ni en el FMI. Los griegos saben perfectamente lo que significa este nuevo rescate, por eso están en la calle.

  3. Hello I’m from Germany!
    I will send you some police-trainers. You must know that the police in Berlin doesn’t need any batons or gasmasks, they just kick with their feet and hit with their fists and make much many arrests and they are all trained by GSG 9.
    And if you consider to give me a nice island i will send you our old water-canons. We have pretty new (blue) ones too. But therefore i need a 2nd island for my nights with Sarkozy and DSK.
    On the other hand i like to mention that only our right-wing media (Focus, Berliner Morgenpost) reports about “police-brutality”. I will talk to them that this is not good for TUI and Thomas Cook.
    All the “left” media reports the same shit: “300 Autonome”, hahaha.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thank you so much, Angela, but you’re late with your offer, I got already some instructions how to effectively train the police and thus free of charge.
      Furthermore, I am not sure the two islands you ask you withhold your weight. So either go on a diet, sweety, or ask something else.
      By the way on Wednesday, there were not just ‘300 anarchists’ as you claim. They were whole 400!!!
      thanks again for your efforts,

  4. Will the public be coming out to Syntagma for a demonstration tonight? I hope so! If not it gives the very unpleasant impression that the crooks and the thugs (inside and outside the parliament) have won. Come on Athenians, get back out there and show that you won’t be beaten down by corrupt politicians, violent cops and provocateurs!!!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yes, there is a protest this evening as well 🙂

      • Yeah nothing like beeing prosecuted to make Greeks resist more. Youd think history would teach people not to push ordinary Greeks too far. When yoy get old yayas trying to attack a fully armed and armoured riot cop you know you have unleashed hell. Like your friend KTG, normal Greek behaviour there is violence against people so what do she do? she takes her young children to teach them that if you want something you have to fight for it and that the more they brutalise the more you fight. I really dont know what that says about us? are we masochists? fighters? stupid? is it something we ate or drank, maybe a combination of olive oil and feta releases resistance hormones?

  5. Bravo Greeks!

  6. Θα σου ελεγα να στειλεις το βιντεο με τα ΜΑΤ να ριχνουν δακρυγονα μεσα στο σταθμο του μετρο καθως και το βιντεο με τους ΔΙΑΣ στο μοναστηρακι να τρομοκρατουν τους γνωστους πια αναρχο-τουριστες (ελεος) σε κανα καναλι σε καμια εφημεριδα και με ειδικη αποστολη στον παπουτση που βγηκε και ειπε οτι κανεις δεν εριξε τιποτα στο σταθμο και οτι η αστυνομια περιφρουρησε μονο τη βουλη. Εχω καιρο να κατεβω Αθηνα αλλα δεν θυμαμαι το μοναστηρακι να ειναι στο Συνταγμα, εκτος και αν το συννενωσαν τωρα με το Καλλικρατη.