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“We Are All Greeks”: Spanish Solidarity Video

More than 80 comments are awaiting for moderation,  a full e-mail inbox, phone calls from friends, asking whether is ‘safe’ go to to downtown Athens. Yes, it’s safe, unless some kids play with tear gas and thus in the middle of the summer with rising temperature.

 The pictures and footage documenting excessive police violence shocked thousands around the world and I was overwhelmed with support messages, people declaring their solidarity with the Greeks

From all the messages that you can see in the comments-section of last weeks’ posts, I pick up one video that deeply touched me. It shows a series of pictures of Spanish people in solidarity with the Greeks. The video was set together by Mr Loukas photography . I asked him to tell me why he made this video, and here is what he answered”

“Hola soy español y quería mostrar mi solidaridad con el pueblo griego,un saludo y mucha suerte.Gracias.”

EN: Hello I am Spanish and I wanted to show my solidarity with the Greek people, greetings and much luck. Gracias

 Here’s his very touching We Are All Greeks video with pictures of Spanish Solidarity  and a very nice Zorba the Greek version!

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  1. Thanks for your rolling news keeping me up to date with the latest developments (I’ve given up watching the TV news, it’s too depressing and annoying).

    If you’re interested, here’s a post I was moved to write on Friday:
    It’s my first (and maybe last, as there are so many others giving daily round-ups and commentary) written response to the Greek crisis, written from a purely personal point of view.

  2. That made me cry too. I’m philo of the Hellens and the only therapy i have is a huge dose of greek punk and hardcore. (punx romana, gkulagk, genia toy xaos, stress, antidrasi, xasma, indico, aso) it helps a bit
    -zobra, the punk