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Athens: Journalist Completely Deaf After Police Stun Grenade

 Journalist Manolis Kypraios is completely deaf on both ears after a stun grenade exploded right next to him during the incidents of June 15th, 2011. The reporter for economic newspaper Express was covering the protests of “Indignant” Greeks at Syntagma Square. A policeman fired a stun grenade next to him. Having immediately lost hearing and blood flowing form his ears, Kypraios started to walk to seek treatment in a nearby hospital. However on the way there he was even brutality beaten by policemen of the DELTA force, as stated in the condemning statement of the Greek Journalists’s Association ESHEA.

Doctors did their best to save the hearing ability of Kypraios but today it was officially announced that he is deaf.

In a strong  statement ESHEA and the Union of Journalists of Daily Newspapers condemn the ‘brutal state violence” that left indelible marks on the journalist who was unlucky to do his work.

“This reminds of other times, when the catalyzed Republic allowed such behaviours and prevented the free exercise of the  journalistic profession,” adds the statement and concludes:

“The Athens Journalists’ Union says it will not remain with folded hands. We stand by the journalist, who has become disabled and unable to work in such demanding sector and will pursue all legal means for justice but also for the unhindered exercise of the profession by all the Union members “.

Many members of the press experienced the police violence on the incidents of June 15th, 28th and 29th, and journalist Apollon Liakopoulos was also beaten by the riot police.

Video: Tear gas at “Indignant” Greeks Camp/Syntagma/ 29-06-11

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Police Violence under Prosecutor’s Investigation

Athens prosecutor has ordered investigation following complaints about the excessive use of tear gas and the violence against protesters during the incidents of June 28-29, 2011 at Syntagma Square. One file concerns the use of tear gas and chemicals, one physical damage to citizens. A third file refers to violation of the university asylum and the firing of tear gas and flash grenades in the Department of Communication & Media of Athens University.

The fourth file is formed against the police for for failing to arrest citizens who were carrying weapons, according to complaints.

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  1. 4 case files. how many of those will you see prosecuted to the full extent of the law? considering they are all unnamed because the police wore no numbered badges or names. they will pretend to investigate and in a few weeks they will conclude that it is impossible to name the perpetrators and the case will be dropped. No action will be taken against police comman who ordered this sort of violence and the minister for citizen “protection” as well as the rest of the goverment who authorised it will pretend it never happened or continue with the feeble excuses they have provided since then. They scream and shout and make statements about undemocratic citizens verbally and physically attacking politicians but this level of violence they unleashed on the public is not undemocratic at all apparently. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Can Greeks seek justice in international courts? Not only was there brutal police violence, but the actions of the police violated people’s right to speech and assembly.

    To people in Greece and the writer of this blog: Do you think that bringing attention to this matter in the American press might put some pressure for something to be done, perhaps in an international court? I really don’t know. But I was thinking perhaps someone might write a diary for the Daily Kos:

    Anyone who registers there can write a diary. If you include something in the title like, “Report from Greece” or “Eyewitness Account” so that people know you are writing from Greece, hopefully more people will read it. The American press has been practically silent about this. All they talk about is the hooded youths rioting.

    • Yes, Greeks can seek justice in international courts. And Greece has a great track record in not complying with those judgements. In fact, Greece was the first country to be tried and conficted twice for the same subject in Strasburg because the Greek government simply ignored the first ruling. And if I remember correct, ignoring also the second one…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I have an account at daily kos but no time to post there too 🙁

  3. Thanks keeptalkinggreece for news. I cannot find any truthful in English. I try pass them to other people.
    Greeks are fighting for us too, I know it.