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Greek Citizens’ Protection Minister: “Hands off my wife and child”

Everybody was stunned in Greece listening to Minister for Citizens’ Protection, Christos Papoutsis, declaring  attacks against his family. While he was speaking at the Transparency Commission of the Parliament on Tuesday, Papoutsis said: “Warning all these immorals I say: hands off my wife and child”.  With reference to the recent verbal and physical attacks against governing party PASOK lawmakers who voted in favor of the Mid-Term Austerity Programme, Papoutsis stated that “he was never impressed  or has he ever adopted anybody ideological or and political terrorism.”
He asked all the political parties to declare whether they adopt the practices of film director Dimitris Kollatos, who together with his movement “Door-to-Door” organizes protest actions in front of the houses of politicians.
More than 15 incidents occurred in recent days with citizens verbally and/or physically attacking PASOK lawmakers. Governing party officials have been accusing left-wing party SYRIZA as organizers of the attacks, and musician Mikis Theodorakis as the instigator. Just yesterday, a group of people gathered outside the Chamber of Commerce in Xanthi waiting deputy Minister for Periphery Development, Socratis Xynidis. When Xynidis arrived they crowd welcomed him with boos. When he left the building some hours later the protesters threw yogurts and eggs against him.
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While the majority of MPs fall victim fro voting in favor of Mid-Term Programme, one lawmakers stunned the public and the government as he was put under life-threatening pressure to vote in favor. Alekos Athanasiadis told a local TV network that he received threatening phone calls and pressure in order to vote in favor. He said the phone calls were anonymous and that some even came from abroad. Athanasiadis was declaring that he would vote against the Mid-Term Austerity but in a last-minute gesture he voted YES. Later on that day, he was attacked by anti-austerity protesters while he was walking near Syntagma Square.

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  1. I wonder if it is true that Alekos Athanasiadis received death threats to vote in favor of the plan. If there really were PASOK members who would have voted against it, they should have kept it quiet until the day of the vote. You have to wonder about people going on tv and being brave before the vote. If they really wanted to defeat the plan, they would have kept it quiet, so that Papandreou would not look for New Democracy or other party members to replace the vote he would lose.

  2. I think probably they were more responsible than many readers of this blog and realised that if they didn’t vote for the new loans and accept the terms, the people that would suffer were the poor both young and old. You can’t discuss terms at the very last minute especially when you are in default.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      therefore you negotiate before it’s late. And because it’s the x-time you insult people in KTG-blog, you are banned from commenting, Annie.
      Thanks for reading KTG

  3. Whatever you do, you simply never EVER go after the family of your opponent.

    This is not a problem that is only occurring here in Greece though. It is something you see all over the world and I have experienced it myself. There is nothing worse than that I can assure you.

    When you want to go after someone you go after him/her personally. Don’t condone hitting, yoghurt or whatever, but these actions are at least aimed at a person with whom you disagree or are in conflict. But family?! Never.
    So, if it is true what Papoutsis is saying then, on this subject alone, he has my full understanding.