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That’s the Greece I like!

No, I don’t like been in trouble due to strikes especially in hot summer days. No, I don’t like to see the yellow-grey smog ring rising every day on the horizon and hear no measures to combat air pollution. No, I don’t like the increased ozone levels and hear the government telling me I should stay at home. No, I don’t like reading about the struggle of Greece in Brussels and hear not a single word about the citizens. No, I don’t like to see my very short summer vacations been in danger due to a possible seamen strike. No, I don’t like to read one in two young people is jobless. No, I don’t like to see my life been the hostage of interests groups. No, No,No, that’s not the Greece I like.

What I like is something like….

… a clean beach in Mani

… a loaded Cherry Tree in Arkadia

…. a sunset from Kavouri

That’s the Greece I like!

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  1. Don’t we all. Which is why you should still have your trip to Pelion, whatever the situation.

  2. That’s indeed the Greece we love to see! (but with a straight horizon, please!) 😉

    And for Mani, you don’t need those boats! Less crowded, nicer people, better food and cheaper! Same sea!

    Sorry for the plug… LOL

  3. Yes, I am. And though the cherries have gone, the trees are in focus B-) – unless you have been on the tsipouro that is.


    Lively night life is putting it a bit strongly – and the beach is not the biggest, but good for swimming.