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Thessaloniki: Greek Protesters Stuck ‘Swastika’ at German Consulate

A small group of Greeks held a protest outside the German consulate in Thessaloniki, and even covered the symbol of the Federal Republic with a Swastika. First the 30-40 people smeared the cobblestones in front of the Consulate with Nazi symbols, then they stuck on the Federal Eagle  a piece of paper  with a hand-made swastika. They also wrote  “1941-2011 The enemy is the same”. Some shouted slogans “Germany Out from the EU”.

The protest lasted one and a half hour. 

German yellow-press newspaper BILD describes the incident as “tasteless derailment” and claims the protesters were extremists who have been protesting at Syntagma Square,  apparently “Indignant Greeks”.

“Behind the hate attack was apparently  the group ‘Outraged citizens.’ It is an ultra-radical political sect participating at the protests  before the Greek parliament in Athens in recent weeks and causing  caused appalling incidents,” wrote BILD.

Speaking to the newspaper, Greek born German MEP from the FDP, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis said: “Many Greeks wrongly put the blame for the Greeks’ plight on  Germany, representatively  for the EU and the IMF”.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis was recently stripped of  his doctorate Bonn University because of plagiarism in his dissertation.

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