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German EU Commissioner: Flags of Debt-Sinners at Half-Mast

It is unbelievable what kind of Harry-Potters take decisions for our lives in Brussels. It is incredible to hear such proposals by people, misguided from their real purpose in life,  they checked the Politics Box in My-Dream-Job surveys , instead the one “Milking Cows”. This time it’s EU Commissar for Energy, German Guenther Oettinger proposing that the flags of EU-member countries should be set at half mast, if the countries have debts.

Speaking to yellow press BILD newspaper (ohohoh), Oettinger, member of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said: “That the flags of debt-sinners should be at half mast at the EU buildings. That should be just symbolic, but it would have a deterrent effect.” (BUH!).

Scared almost to death, I try to gather the rest of my remaining strength and translate a bit more of Oettinger’s interview. As my hands are shaking and my mind has dried out, I manage only to copy paste to Google translate and here is the result:

: Commissioner Oettinger, Greece does not get its debt under control. Athens must get out of the €?

€ crisis
Anti-euro lawsuit, the struggle of Chancellor Merkel to the € €-speech Good Day for our money € Crisis Merkel: We must not fail Guenther € Oettinger1 1EU by Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger (57, CDU) since February 2010 EU-Commissioner (term expires 2014). Responsibility: energy. It is intended to ensure a secure energy supply for Europe, for example, organized develop pan-European electricity networks. Prior to his Brussels office Oettinger was 5 years prime minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg was, 26 years on the state parliament. He lives with his partner Friederike Beyer (33) in Brussels.
more … Günther Oettinger: “No, that divides Europe and would be a devastating blow. It would give the impression that the EU has not even been able to stabilize a relatively small country. Then we would no longer trust creditors and markets in the future. ”

BILD: How to solve the debt dilemma Athens?

Oettinger: “One problem is obviously inefficient administration in Greece. The authorities do not manage to collect outstanding taxes or to sell state-owned. It would be best if qualified officers working from the other EU member states for consideration and implementation of management for an extended period in Greece. They could act without regard to resistance and stop the routine. Who demanded solidarity from other states, must also be willing to cede some of the responsibility for time. ”

PICTURE: The EU threatens countries with debt-sanctions, but it has never been used …

Oettinger: “I doubt whether the proposed sanctions so far are really purposeful. It makes little sense to threaten a state with fines if he does not meet the debt criteria can again. One can not but draw a naked man in the pocket. In the end, even by increasing the debt, and the other countries pay over the bailouts also sanctions. ”

BILD: What do you suggest?

Oettinger: “It makes sense would be measures for which governments must justify to their citizens. These include, for example, that countries must give their time on budgetary sovereignty to the EU. That would be a real imposition on any government and would slow down excessive debt. One can also think about other unconventional ideas. There are also proposing that the flags of debt sinners before the EU to put buildings at half-mast. That would be just a symbol, but would have a high deterrent effect. ”

PICTURE: Could € Bonds solve the debt problems?

Oettinger: “Euro Bonds would be to solve the current problems the wrong way. But I am fighting against it, they exclude for all time. There may be situations in the future, in which the common bonds of the euro countries the right solution might be for state funding. Therefore, I advise my party, not flatly reject Euro Bonds. ”

IMAGE: Across the EU, the growing debt levels. Do you fear that?

Oettinger: “The debt of EU countries are enormous indeed high. Greece, with its 370 billion makes up only a vanishingly small part. The EU countries earn a year 12 000 billion euros, but 10 have 500 billion euros of debt. So the debt is at 85% of the total economy. Germany is precisely in this intersection. There are so many countries in the EU, which are better than Germany and less debt. In general: This is no longer financially viable. We must tell the citizens clear: The political model of the western world, with ever-increasing prosperity mountains of debt finance, is over. “

 It doesn’t make much sense? Oh, I’m sorry! I summarize: He said that Greece has insufficient administration, that qualified personnel from EU countries should move to Athens and implement the administration.

Oettinger and Bild: populists among themselves. We had this recently too, didn’t we? Oh yes, we had it with Merkel’s CSU Partner.

Here is the link to the original text, in case you read and understand German.

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  1. Sorry,

    this is so crazy what our German politicans do and say. I am feeling very upset about our Germany.

    As a German inhabitant, I have to apologize me to all Greeks.

    I am not sure, how many people think like me in Germany, but speaking for my own:
    It is horrible what German politicans ask for:
    Greece peeople has to pay for “everything” and (May you have already heard about it) German peolpe has to pay for “everything” too!
    And the Greek sovereignty should be given the Europe government,
    as well as the German one!
    The German parlament (Bundestag) will (hoply not) ratify a law (so called ESM, on 23/09/11 or 27/09/11), that allows a group of small peolpe in the EU government to get control of an infinite amount of money of the German taxes/people.

    That small group is called “Gouverneursrat” and they will get absolut immunity, no parlamental control, they will exist for ever, cannot be stopped anymore legal [once ratified] and so on…
    People in Germany, who reject this plans, call the new law “enabling act” like it was done under Nazi-Germany 1933, which leeds us directly to a dictatorship of the EU-clique/junto!

    (If I know right) The same law was already ratified in Paris in one of the chambers of parlament in the last days.

    Best wishes for a true democracy [now] for all peolpe in Europe

    • No need for apologies, populist politicians are what they are. Thanks for the info abou tthe “governeurstate”, I didn’t know that, must check it.

  2. “Es wäre am besten, wenn qualifizierte Beamte aus den übrigen EU-Staaten zur Beratung und Durchführung der Verwaltung für einen längeren Zeitraum in Griechenland tätig würden. Sie könnten ohne Rücksicht auf Widerstände agieren und den Schlendrian beenden. ”

    Oh what a wonderful idea! Can you imagine that? Coming into the tax office one hour after opening time. And instead of the usual empty counters, unused desks and chairs (or one with a shopping bag) and just 2 people busy with… who knows, there suddenly are sitting 5 highly efficient German civil servants. Already there from 10 minutes before opening hours!
    At first we get the idea that we did not have our morning coffee yet and maybe even are asleep. So we all walk out again to get our shot of caffeine.
    After an hour, yes it takes time to get over a shock like that and to drink a frappé, we walk in again. Like always: first one is last, as we all storm up to the counter and start asking and talking. There is no response. Ah good, that is how it always was. So we are back in reality.
    Then we slowly start to realize that they just don’t understand us and they really are foreigners… Well, we start all over again, but now on the top of our lungs. One or two push their head under the glass separation plate and others are walking through the door behind the counter and trying to ‘help’ these poor lost people to understand what we really need of them. Pushing our papers under their noses and pointing out the misunderstandings and mistakes that are soooo obvious. Others start quarrelling with each other.
    Those boys and girls will not know what hit them!!! LOL 😀

    • LOL, Oh, what a nightmare! Then tax offices will be open until 5 pm. !10.15-11.10.30 am will be coffee break which they will drink out of their thermos with a fullcorn sandwich and 12-1 pm there will be a lunch break. In summer, they will stay at home to avoid heat stroke and quarreling customers. Na, Mahlzeit!

  3. @keeptalkinggreece:
    you forgot the cheese on the fullcorn sandwich! The good, German officials have always cheese on their bread! Wrapped in waxed paper. Transported in a lunchbox! Yes!

    you don’t believe that you can enter the office of a German official when ever you want! First of all a waiting room is furnished. Therein a number machine will be installed. Everyone who comes has to draw a number! On a display panel is then displayed, which number may now go in which office!

    The honorable officer throws a bored look on your papers, notes that documents are missing. Sends you home to obtain the documents. He had no work, you waited for three hours maybe longer for nothing. And before he calls the next number, he takes the phone to call his wife, mother or other relatives, or reads the newspaper … one must recover even after the act ….

    Greetings from Germany! And I agree with Herman and apologize for our politicians. Unfortunately, we do not know how to get rid of them …. Elections change nothing. Otherwise they would have also banned! 🙁

    • hahaha, true! “Wurstbrote” are for construction workers!
      The difference to the Greek tax officers is that you meet only once a German tax officer. The rest is done by the tax advisor.
      As i said, no need for apologies… I know that Greeks have German friends 🙂

  4. yes! and yellow stars for the Jews right?
    We owe you some money?
    You owe over 50 million lives! how about a half mast flag for that too?

  5. hey german politicians.. you been smoking weed? cause you seem to be forgeting alot of stuff.

    You forgot to pay the Marshal Plan to the USA… you still owe them money too. So put your flag down too. ok? 🙂

  6. Hi again,

    more information about the ESM (Europeen Stability Mechanism) can be found here (is in German language):

    a good summary about the unbelievable suggestions of our politicans can be found under “download flyer” on this page (also in German): (as pdf-file)

    • thanks. populist politicians seem to be popular. Economy crisis in Dt?

      • I am not sure, which politicans are popular in Germany.

        In the last elections of the federal states it seems, everything stays the same. The big parties have got the votes (a litte bit more than the half of people take part, [it is every year a little bit less]).

        Next Sunday there will be an election in the federal state “”Berlin”. It seems, that the party “Pirats party” (Piratenpartei) will get about 6%. [May you have heard about it, is an international party, started in Sweden and ask strongly for more civil rigths, more direct democracy and less observation of people].

        All the big parties say everytime: we have to pay: loosing Greece means loosing Euro, loosing Euro means loosing Europe and peace [“A Question of war and peace!”].
        At least they want us to pay the taxes for the banks…
        I guess not so much people are aware of these facts in Germany and of the system immanent failure of our bank system (see results of elections). But it becomes more and more.

        The economy seems until now not so weak in Germany, but we have got some strong hits on the “DAX” – the German stock index.
        That could lead to some fear for stock holders…

        The economy grow was reducing the second half of this year from about 3 % to 0,5 % (round about). But all Germans do not have a lot of reasons to bewail something.
        (Maybe that will change sometime.)