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Greece Imported Olive Oil from …Germany!

Olive oil producer Greece imported Olive Oil worth 1,5 million euro from … Germany, specifically from famous beer producer Munich in the year 2010, according to Greece National Statistics Authority. The absurdity does not end here. “Most probably the imported olive oil was …Greek” estimated told Yiorgos Goniotakis, member of the General Confederation of Greek Agrarian Society. He added that Greece cannot meet its needs in olive oil and that many farmers abandoned the production due to low selling prices. The result is that Greece imports olive oil from European countries even from those with not a single tree, like Germany.

Really sad, then olive oil demand is growing worldwide as the Mediterranean Diet is gaining reputation. And not only. In China, for example, there is an increasing demand, and Chinese businessmen do not seem to have found enough Greek partners to meet their needs.

PS Unless the oil import from Germany was meant for purposes like lubricating from rusty machines.

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