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EU Under TinFoilHat-Protection: No Greek Default, No Euro Exit

Europeans send reassuring messages just hours before the critical teleconference between Papandreou, Merkel and Sarkozy and hours after  Kassandra’s bombshells heralding Greek default and pushing for exit from the euro zone.   EU economic and monetary affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said on Wednesday morning: “A Greek default or euro exit would carry dramatic costs for Greece, the region and the global economy” (Reuters). Positive are also the messages coming from France, with government spokesman Valerie Pecresse saying that “President Nicolas Sarkozy stressed during a cabinet meeting that he is determined to do everything required to save Greece.” (Reuters).

At the same time the 6th bailout-tranche does not seem so far as it has been claimed recently. Brussels sources told Capital.grthat it seems that the crisis in Italy and France facilitates Athens and requires the Eurozone to address the issue of next aid tranche based on easier criteria.

At the same time foreign blogs and media websites kept pressuring – and still are – for a Default and ousting Greece from euro zone. Not to mention the anonymous e-mails claiming the one nonsense after the next.

Thank God, my Tin Hat Foil ( and Moody’s that downgraded French banks) protected the EU leaders and me from conspirators and speculators, although I’ll make a hole on my foil hat to see what will come next after Greece is saved, for now. Then there are still additional bailout tranches to come….

For those who don’t know Tin Foil Hat is Number 1 fashion accessory for unemployed conspiracy theorists around the world! It is  made from kitchen aluminum foil or other pliable metallic substance, with the supposed purpose of shielding the wearer’s brain from mind control/surveillance by various supernatural or conspiratorial organizations. (urban dictionairy, wikipedia )

I thank FB fan Gretta for advising me to buy a tin foil hat. I bought one for the cat too, just in case…

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  1. In Greece, many people wear that when talking about 911 conspiracies. I laugh because in the USA, it’s usually weirdos that mention them, but in Greece it seems that serious people mention them.

    The Jews did it seems to be a favorite here.

    Oh well, makes life interesting indeed to discuss fiction.

    • I didn’t even know TFH but a KTG-page fan in FB proposed. So I adopted the idea and voila! Also serious people shoul dhave humor lol

  2. Indeed, KTG, as long as when you tell me that America attacked itself on 911, you then say at the end, “Hey I was kidding”. But, I think the best thing I’ve ever seen was done on “The Onion” where Al Queda was arguing with the Conspiracy Theorists on the debate channel and were telling the conspiracy theorists they were crazy and how insulting it was to say that they (Al Queda) didn’t do the attacking. Here’s the link if you want to see the interview and then you can laugh like I did, since you know it’s fake and making fun of conpiracy theorists.

    Link:,14222/ (it follows a short commercial)

    • There is a different cultural apporach in the consiracy theories in USA & Greece. Here, conspiracy theory claims that the whole world wants to ‘delete’ Greeks from the maps. Also in terms of economy collapse. It has nothing to do with 9/11 and the theories about it in the USA.

      • Yes, you are right about that. But, ask 10 Greeks if the Jews were responsible for 911, or if they were told to stay home that day, and remarkably you’ll find many Greeks out of those 10 believe that. I grew so tired of hearing about it from Greeks regarding 911.

        Ask around and see if I’m wrong. Oh, did you watch the Onion video? What did you think?