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Outrageous! All Greeks to Pay Property Levy Except The Church & the State

This is really outrageous, it shows that the Greek government is not ashamed to promote discrimination, is not only callous and anti-social but also that the Finance Minister and the government spokesman lied to the people. Evangelos Venizelos announced last Sunday that the levy scale will be up to €10/sqm – tonight it is up to €16/sqm according to the value zone. And Ilias Mosialos said on Monday that the tenants will not pay – but they will! The bombshell with the condition details was dropped at the same time that the conference call between Papandreou, Merkel and Sarkozy was taking place. A typical communication strategy of the ruling party PASOK to distract people…

Anyway, under the threat of having their electricity cut, all Greeks will be obliged to pay this extra property levy for two years with the exception ofall state institutions and the rich and  wealthy church (ncl. Agio Oros/Athos, the priests’ republic) with XXXL properties! Excepted are also foreign embassies and non-Greek Orthodox religious establishments.

-Whether jobless or disabled, whether low pensioner or with a salary of 500 euro per month.

-The payment margin between a 40 years old property and a new one is really very small.

Tenants (home or professional) are obliged to pay if the electricity bill is on their name and then ask the payment back form the landlord.  According to the information released by the Finance Ministry, obliged to pay is the user of the property!

– The levy for 2011 must be paid in two equal trances from October 2011 until January 2012.

-The levy for 2012 will be paid in four equal tranches from may until December 2012.

The payments start from €0,5 per sqm and ends to €16 per sqm. To this a fee according to the building age will be added.

Example: it has been calculated that for a 100 sqm in value zone €2,500 ευρώ-3,000 the levy will be 1,000 euro.

The levy refers to 5,079 million private and professional properties measuring 562 million built square meters.  The state targets to get 2 billion euro out of this unjust measure that will hit the already bleeding taxpayers and load them with additional property levy to the property taxes they already have to pay.

Not to mention the slap to the face of  the property sector.

If you are a foreigner or a foreing company you will pay too unless you have a tax excemption!

Question: How will they get the tax from empty properties with the electricity cut?

PS As I write this post in anger I already start planning to build a dome on the roof of my home, as one Greek Twitter suggested. They may think, I live in a church after all….

Shame! Shame! Shame!



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  1. I keep being told that there is separation of Church and State here – although this proves otherwise. And I’m sure the Church isn’t going to be among the group of public servants to take a pay cut, either!

    • There is no separation of Church & State here. As civil servants they have also suffered cuts and furthermore shortage in priests because of the 1:10 hiring rate. the Church tries to get ‘part-time’ priests.

  2. I am not Greek but I feel I also have to pay this new bill.

    • of course, you are. in KTG posts “Greeks/Greece” on the title is for SEO purposes as there are readers from many countries abroad.