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Shocking! Unemployment at 16.3%, 810K Greeks without Job

Unemployment in Greece reached shocking level with 810,821 people without job. According to National Statistics Authority, unemployment increased 36.5%  in comparison with the April-June 2010 period. Without job is 1:3 youth and 1:5 women. Migrants are economically active at 73%, while the Greeks only at 52%. For the first time the jobless exceeded the limit of 800K in the period April-June 2011. Officially unemployment is 16.3% without taking into consideration the self-employed without a job (and income!).

Unemployment in women is at 20%, in men at 13.7%. The unemployment is extraordinary high among young employees (15-29 yrs old) reaching 32.9%. Young women are unemployed at 38.3%.

While 90.1% of the unemployed seek a job, only 6.7% have rejected a job offer due to reasons like work location, not satisfactory salary or working hours.

Unemployment rate for foreign nationals is at 18%. However 73% of the foreigners are ‘economically active’ (whatever that means), while Greeks are at 51.8%.

The highest unemployment rate is in Western Macedonia with 23.1% and East Macedonia and Thrace 20.7%. The regions with less unemployment are the Peloponnese with 13.1% and Crete with 13.4%.

I wrote as title in the post “Shocking” but in fact I  am not shocked at all. Things will go worse and we go nowhere from here and with such austerity measures that only depen rcession (currently 7.3%), anyway.

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