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Thessaloniki: Debt-ridden Greek Sets Himself on Fire

A 55-year-old man, desperate to lose his home due to a bank loan set himself on fire in Thessaloniki of Northern Greece on Friday. The man went in front of the bank, poured gasoline on this clothes and set them on fire. Armed with a gasoline jar and a loudspeaker and taking place in front of Pireos bank,  the man started to shout against the government, the political parties and the banks. The police and some bank employees tried to calm him down, but suddenly he poured the gasoline on his clothes and set them on fire. 

The police used fire extinguishers to put out the fire. The man got burns in the chest and the back and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to the police, the man  had set himself on fire also 15 months ago.

He could not pay back his bank loan due to failed business and he claimed the bank was threatening to confiscate his home.

On the island o Crete, a 20-year-old man decided to put an end to his life and hanged himself on Saturday morning. According to Cretalive, the young man, until recently a social and polite guy, had lost his interest in life due to unemployment and also some minor family problems.

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