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Upd2: Greek PM Cancels Trip to USA, UN, IMF

Greece Prime Minister George Papandreou cancelled his trip to USA, where he was to attend the UN meeting and would also have talks with IMF-Chief Christine Lagarde. Currently Papandreou is in London and from there he was to fly to Washington DC. Greek media claim the cancellation has been decided after the return of Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos from the ECOFIN meeting in Poland.  An official statement is allegedly expected soon.

State television netweork NET correspondent reported on Twitter, that the trip was cancelled “because next week is important for the implementation of  July 21st decisions.”

The statement from Papandreou’s press office reads: “Because next week is especially critical in the euro zone for the implementation of the July 21st decisions and the initiatives the country has to take, Prime minister Papandreou decided to cancel his planned visit to USA”.

The Troika technocrats have also cancelled their visit in Athens on Monday and they will hold just a conference call with Venizelos.

PS Economy really sucks, I suppose….

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  1. Ouch! That must hurt! This must be the first time that Papandreou felt the consequences of the crisis. It was only this morning when I was reading about all those “crucial meetings” he would have there. With Lagarde, Erdogan, Ban ki Moon, Finnish and Slovake? prime-ministers. And don’t forget that crucial meeting on Sunday morning with leaders of the Jewish community in the US. All these meetings suddenly are not crucial anymore?
    Ah and meeting all those friends, those dinners. There was even talk of meeting Obama on Wednesday. We all know how this country is way to small for this great man. For his international standing.
    I pity him… 🙂

    But let’s wait and see why he really is coming home to little, unimportant Greece. Can’t be just the telephone call by Venizelos. Although I never had a phone call by Mr. Venizelos, but I can imagine it to be a very ‘heavy’ experience indeed. Can’t be the row in Maximus between two ministers. Can’t be his phone conversation with Samaras? Or is he giving away his job for the second time in two months? Let’s wait and see.

    • everything is crucial until you reach the cross. then you’re crusified…
      I’ll report abou tthe rumors & senarios later, Antonis, but now prepare a lol-photo-romance report on the issue

  2. Ah great! As a photographer I can’t wait to see “a lol-photo-romance report” (I can’t strike through romance. Way to romantic for that)…
    Who cares that P’s cancelled vacation is world news now. He must love that! And Samara will be soooooooo p****d off by this. It should have been his night in the limelights!!! Oh dear.