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The Fun Side of Life – The Greek Parliament (videos)

Laina Kanelli, a deputy from the Greek Communist Party (KKE) made a sensational appearance at the Parliament on Thursday night. She climbed the speaker’s seat and started unpacking her super-market bag. She revealed a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk. And she said to the stunned MPs. “One loaf of bread, 65 cents. One bottle of milk 2 euros! For a family of four! 2,60 euro per day, 78 euro per month. 936 euro per year!”

Video: of bread loafs and milk…

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Kanelli aimed to show her colleagues in the Parliament the prices of basic food in Greece and that the new austerity measures should not be imposed. It is widespread admitted that basic food and goods prices in Greece are higher than the European average. However. What Kanelli didn’t know is that the price of a bread loaf (350gr) is €0.80 and the liter of fresh milk is available for €1.20 at the supermarket. This would decrease the daily, monthly and yearly expenses for a family, respectively at €2/d, €60/m, €720/m. yet, quite expensive.

But that’s not the point. The point is that she did not know the real prices in real life. I guess, our deputies do not go shopping but send their aidees…? Or they don’t care about the prices…? In fact, had I their salaries, benefits and extras I wouldn’t pay attention to the prices either.

Anyway, Kanelli’s appearance with the goodies triggered criticism by the MPs who blamed her for ‘populism’.  A governing party MP, presiding the session,  told her in an awkward attempt to make a joke, that ‘she spoils the decor of the parliament’ (MYOHMY, JESUS!)

A heated debate started and far-right MP Adonis Georgiadis made fun of the issue saying “She came with the bread loaf to parliament after swimming in her private swimming pool in the noble northern suburbs of Athens. “Had I brought these items here, everybody would accuse me and say ‘Bouboukos’[= the Bloomer, nichname given by his wife] is populist”.

However the peak of the day came from Asterios Rontoulis, also an MP from far-right wing party LAOS, who told his colleagues from the speaker’s seat:

“I make a big mistake in the past. I called you ‘Liars, Crooks and Cheaters’. I correct myself now. You are Liars, Crooks and Donkeys “.  In Greek, “donkey” implies somebody has no sensitivity and lacks of compassion, figuratively speaking, so to say…

Video of liars & cheaters

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In fact Rontoulis called them “Gomaria” which is a much heavier jargon word, that is a real huge donkey with a very thick skin, literally speaking, so to say…

UPDATE: Friday morning, Rontoulis and a PASOK MP Tsionis almost delivered a boxing fight at the cafe of the Parliament. The moment Tsionis saw Rontoulis, he shouted at him “Who did you call donkey (Gomari), come here I’ll f888 you, I’ll beat you whereever I find you. We try to help the society on stand on its feet. You are the donkey”. Rontoulis answered using similar French expressions and a bloody fight was averted when collea

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  1. That is just to funny! The champions of the proletariat and coming into parliament with a bottle of milk of 2 euro. LOL

    Yes, I was wondering about the figures she gave too. Let’s see:
    0,65 + 2,00 = 2,65/day
    2,65 x 365 = 967,25/year
    967,25 : 12 = 80,60/month
    So even if she bought her milk in Kolonaki or Kifisia (stupidity is a fundamental human right), it is clear that she has this ‘Greek’ accounting habit…

    Bread around here is 0,90 for 350gr and a Greek supermarket (no not that German one) sells fresh milk for 0,89. So that’s 635,35 a year.

    And by the way, I like donkeys very much. Hardly any around at the moment. But as things are going we will all soon have a donkey in our parking spots instead of an ugly, gas guzzling car. The advantages will be huge. Just make the comparison:
    -Average maximum life: Donkey 40 years, Car 10
    -Mileage per liter: Donkey endless (as long as it is water), Car 15km/liter
    -Mowing grass: Donkey every day, Car never
    -Drivers licence: Donkey no, Car yes
    -Road tax: Donkey no, Car yes
    -Toll: Donkey no, Car yes (unless the NO-PAY movement is around)
    -Green: Donkey produces kilo’s dung per day (great for garden and if dried for fuel again), Car NOTHING, just minuses.

    All in all a very positive development!!!

    • excellent summation antoni. love the fact that with your donkeys not cars philosophy, there will be magazines testing donkeys speeds 0 to 100, average fuel(carrots?) consumption(no grass in athens but the laiki will do a booming trade for refueling your donkey), family donkeys vs sport donkeys and tv shows like pimp my donkey, top donkey, but knowing the goverment if that happens there will create a donkey tax, and they will equate donkey food tax with petrol tax. but your vision of donkey central transportation made my day.