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BBC: Road Map of Greece’s Debt Crisis Odyssey

BBC has published a road map of Greece’s debt crisis odyssey. The graph tree based on questions with Yes and No concludes in gloomy perspectives like Moral Hazard, Political Turmoil, Global Meltdown  and Depression. Even the “Pyrrhic Victory” should the government renegotiate its debts would lead to a banks collapse. But it is worth reading. BBC writes on its lead:  

Greece and its lenders are locked in discussion. The “Troika” of lenders – the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank – say Greece must take more painful steps to cut its borrowing. But Greece faces riots and mass protests on the streets of Athens. The government could lose its grip on parliament – only 155 of 300 MPs backed the last round of austerity in June. At stake is the next 8bn euro tranche of bailout money, which Greece desperately needs to avoid total crisis. Starting from the top, follow the decision tree to decide what happens next.

Read the graph here

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