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UPD: Athens – Retired Officers Break into Defense Ministry (video)

It was around 2 pm on Friday when some 300 angry retired army officers broke into the yard of the Greek Defense Ministry after they were refused an appointment by either the Minister or the deputy minister. The officers broke some entrance doors and entered the visitors’ area. There are reports that there were no serious efforts to hinder them.

Video: Officers shout “All inside! All inside!”, Down with the PASOK Junta!”

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Greek media report that 2,000 retire officers gather on Friday morning outside the Defense Ministry to protest their pension cuts. They chanted slogans against the Defense Minister and asked his resignation.

Πόρτες σπασμένες


According to latest information, a group of officers moved towards  the Parliament, where is the Minister Panos Belgitis. The Minister spoke of  ‘derailment of democracy that has to be combated”. He also asked political parties to get in contract with the associations of retired officers and urge them to give up the ‘occupation’. Beglitis warned that if they don’t withdraw peacefully, he will order their removal from the area.

 State NET TV reported at 3.30 pm that the retired officers are in negotiations with the Chief of the Army to whom they handed out their demands. The “occupation” is expected to conclude soon, said the state television.

The news was first reported by website onalert.gr 

Officers at the Greek Armed Forces are kindly’ sent to retirement after 30-35 years of duty, as only few officers get designated for the top positions of the the military hierarchy. Some also get early retirement after 25 years of duty.  

UPDATE: At 4.30 pm the officers withdrew peacefully from the Defense Ministry.

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  1. Greece’s Defence must be a very healthy working environment. Since, looking at this clip, a lot of these pensioners seem to be young and healthy. I even hardly see just a few bald heads. Although baldness is no indication of age, I hasten to say… And yes, I still have all my hair, I again hasten to ad!
    If these are the down and out pensioners, how healthy and young must the ones on active duty be! I suddenly feel much safer!

    • this is an Oh-Sigh comment of yours, Antonis. Army offciers are forced to retire as there are not enough places for **** generals.