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Greece’s Exemptions Criteria to Emergency Property Tax

Parents with more than three children, long time jobless and people with heavy disabilities are exempted form the emergency Property Tax or they will pat reduced prices per square meter. More specifically:

Reduced prices of 0,5 euro per sq meter will pay a) Parents with more than 3 children, when their family income for 2010 was up to 30,000 euro gross. and b) Disabled with 80% disability – the disability must refer to the property owner or a child.

Exempted from the EPT are long term jobless ( to be documented from OAED) and jobless who get ‘unemployment benefits’ from OAED, as long as their family income does not exceed 12,000 euro per year. An amount of €4,000 is to be added per each child (minor).

Exemptions and reduced prices criteria do not apply when:

-The value of the property is more than 150,000 (according to 2008 data). To this 10,000 euro to be added per child under protection.

– If the property is in areas with value zone over €3,000 per sq meter.

-The property area is more than 120 sq m (+ 20 sq m per child) and no more than 200 sq m.

If you have doubts, you’d better check with your tax consultant.

Everybody else will have to pay the EPT, even people with 67% disability.

If you are jobless but not registered in OAED (Official unemployment Authority) you will have to pay.

Now, there is a confusion about the SMSto be send as the number given by the Finance Ministry belongs also to another subscriber apart from the General Secretariat of the FinMin. New announcement  to come soon!

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