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Athens: Riot Police Kicks even Famous Riot Dog ‘Loukanikos’

After the ugly scenes of riot police beating civilians and photo-reporters and throwing tear-gas at the Metro entrance during the Wednesday protests in Athens, a picture this morning adds the icing on the top of police violence. A riot policeman kicks even a harmless animal … the world famous riot dog Loukanikos!

 A ‘robocop’ kicks Loukanikos

Loukanikos is a 6 year-old stray that has gained world fame as the riot dog of Athens. He appears at every protest, barking and jumping around between tear-gas, flares, fire bombs, hurled stones and clubs. Loukanikos or Louk but with real name “Thodoris” seems addicted to trouble. Even when he watches riots on TV, he gets alarmed, starts barking, wondering “why am I not there?”.

Yesterday, Loukanikos had a great performance as the front-line riot dog. There was hardly a video or a picture without a tail, an ear or even a loud barking.

According to exclussive information of KTG, Loukanikos survived the kick without any visible or invisible damage, he is fine and enjoyed his breakfast this morning.

A video Collage

Λουκάνικος / Greece's front-line riot dog by babisflou

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  1. Did Loukanikos try to bite the policeman maybe? I guess it seemed odd that a random policeman would attack a dog? Greeks don’t seem overly concerned with dogs one way or the other, so to me it is more likely the dog tried to bite him and he kicked it in self-defense.

    But, I tend to be a fan of law enforcement, police, military etc so maybe that’s why I think that.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      this specific dog has never even tried to bite anyone, policeman or not, and beleive me, he had thousands opportunities.

      • If you were living in Greece or at least knew the smallest about how the system worked here, police included, you wouldnt be a fan of any!!!

  2. We will never change the attitude of some Greeks to animal care with this type of example from the police force. The kicking of this dog unfortunately is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cruelty to dogs. Most are chained day & night, poison is laid down to rid areas of strays, and local authorities take very little action to uphold the laws governing animal cruelty. Ironically Greece has virtually the same laws on animal care as most of the EU
    Last week in Gythio an animal care centre was broken into and 28 dogs poisoned……

  3. One more reason to kick the police 😀

  4. That wasn’t the first time. The last time a Delta-Cop tried to kill him with his club held the opposite side round, means hitting with the iron part and the Deltas were moving on their bikes.
    In the eighties squads like this got forbitten in France because they killed too many people. Just imaging the extra-power of the strike coming from the velocity of the bikes…
    Anyway, the cops need new clubs without metal because the greek police is famous for using these murderous tactics against protesters.
    Papandreou should resign because of police-barbarities and the fact that he – since TWO years allthough promised – didn’t cancel repressive laws made by ND; election-lies!

  5. that dog is a worldwide hero. that cop is a bastard

  6. @Grocer…. you are so right!!! The real ‘Greek tragedy’ is being played out in people’s back yards, in the hills, villages, mountains….. ‘barrel dogs’ suffer awful neglect, their lives are so empty…… stray dogs can at least move around and during the holiday season find more food, though it all depends how scarred they are by being beaten, thrown stones at and even boiling water (or battery acid… one of our 9 adopted dogs from Greece had been burned with cigarettes, another was shot in the face etc etc)….. poison (foles’) is still the standard quick fix way of get rid of strays, most of which would not have been abandoned had their mothers and fathers been sterilised…. ah, but it’s cheaper just to poison them…… Greece a civilised country?? Maybe 2 or so thousand years ago…. WHAT HAPPENED ??

  7. All Brazil says: kick the policeman!!!