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Greek FinMin: You Are Getting Poorer, folks!

 I dont’ know if I should laugh or cry – or even scream about what Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos told parliamentary committee on economic affairs. “Unfortunately incomes will fall to those of 2004 and living stands as well” he said and stunned Greeks, who feel they live already in the 1950 and 1960 decades. Many Greek internet users commented on forums, that he has no idea how people live in real life. A friend of mine used words I would turn ‘red’ should I write them down. This special friend of mine, was successful professional in 2004 and had no loans. He struggles with unemployment since three years, has loans he can’t opay back and is afraid that he will lose his home. But Venizelos is ‘optimist living in his own protected world…

Furthermore he said that “We pay retrospective for mistakes and deficiencies of the past” but did not honoured explicitly the low and middle classes people who keep pouring money into the barrel of governmental  delays and grave mistakes to protect their voters.

Venizelos also said that Athens hopes for improved debt rollover, a “PSI plus” and assured that the Greek banks are fully secured. He added that the scheduled meetings with the Troika have been concluded and that everything is settled except some technical details.

According to Greek media, the once praised as Oh-so-successful Mid-Term Agreement has been revised, that 31 additional measures will be tabled to Greeks until 2014. And that the Troika may make statements tomorrow Tuesday. The times when Greek government was forbidding the Troika to make announcements are gone with the wind…

PS I hate this posting and I got angry writing it. Furthermore, it must be bewitched then it keeps disappearing from my screen. Maybe because I have only swearing in mind *sigh*

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  1. Nice post. Thank you. It made me optimistic again, since I always believed the aim was to ‘bomb’ us back to the year 2001. That’s 3 years less! 😉