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Greek Politicians Meet A Wave of “Indignant” Citizens Across The Country (videos)

While the protest in Athens were peacefully on Saturday, Oct 15th, in quite some areas outside the Greek capital, government officials, alternate ministers and deputies of ruling party PASOK got confronted with the anger of “indignant” citizens. With slogans against the government economic policies and chanting “Thieves! Thieves!” angry Greeks also raised their hands in a typical mountza gesture.

People expressed with disaproval despite the strong police presence.  In Katerini, during the commemoration of the liberation of the city from the Turks, two PASOK deputies had to watched embarrassed the police to intervene.

Video: Katerini/Pieria

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In Veria in a similar parade angry citizens chanted slogans , raised banners and booed  the officials who sat on the officials platform to watchthe parade.

Video: Veria

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Video: Banner “There is no Freedom”

Last week in Kozani, school students refused to turn their faces towards the officials during a local parade out of protest for the textbooks and teachers shortages. In a symbolic protest they showed the officials rather the backs.

Video: School students Kozani
Οι μαθητές δεν γύρισαν κεφάλι στους επισήμους… by newsview

On Sunday morning in Galatsi suburb of Athens, former parliament speaker Apostolos Kaklamanis had to hear angry citizens shouting “What to shame to come here for a picture” and even some no-no words…


PS It looks as if politicians will son need lots of courage and even ear plugs to ‘meet’ the tax-ridden citizens.

Sources: Real , News247

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