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Papandreou-Papoulias Meeting Triggers Speculations…

Something is been cooking on the stove of the Greek political kitchen, with ruling party PASOK ministers to raise their voices and criticizing the prime minister, opposition parties to demand early elections and national unity government, Papandreou to seem unsure about the future of the Greek debt, and citizens to crack down under the heavy load of taxes. Amid this tense situation full of frustration, PM Goergeo Papandreou will hold a meeting with the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Monday, October 17th, 2011, at 12.30 pm.

Officially the purpose of the meeting is that Papandreou will brief Papoulias on his meetings with Juncker and Rompuy and the multi-bill concerning labour reserve, taxes, salary cuts etc that will be discussed in the parliament and will be voted on Thursday.

According to TO VIMA online edition, the PM will not pay a visit to USA and he will rather have telephone talks with the U.S. officials.

An informal cabinet meeting will convene also on Monday at 4.30 pm

The fact that the statement for the meeting with Papoulias was released on Sunday evening, after the three government minister published their manifesto, triggered speculations that the political bell may be ringing for somebody…. or that Papandreou will ask Papoulias to call a meeting with the leaders of all political parties ahead the critical Euro zone Summit on October 23rd.

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  1. Well something is cooking – politicians are positioning themselves for an upheaval if things in the real world get a little hot and affect the surreal world of parlimentary/troika politics this week. Life on the slippery pole carries on….