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Athens Protests: Passionate Kiss Amid Tear Gas and Riots (pics)

Two young Greeks decided to send their own message to the world: tThat love can lingers in the air together with the smell of tear gas. That passion can glow in times of strict austerity and violent clashes. Last night at the ‘battle-field’ of Syntagma Square, right there in front of shields of riot police squads .

Passion under police surveillance

Important is the … message!

You must remember this
A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
  As time goes by….

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  1. As a professional photographer, but mostly as a human being, the first photo does sent a chill down my spine and put tears in my eyes. It is just wonderful! The connection of the two MAT-policemen who seem to look at those two, who are totally consumed by love/passion. And by almost forcing the officers to look, they are freezing the violence around them. It almost makes what happened yesterday bearable.
    To me it is on equal footing, emotionally, to two iconic photographs of from the last century. I mean the photos of Alfred Eisenstaedt and Robert Doisneau! For those who do not know them look at this NYTimes blog entry

    Thank you so much for placing them here. It gives so much hope and strength…
    (and the photo agency is probably

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thnaks for the link. I was a bit too lazy to seek for this pic. There is also the one form kisisng couple at Vancouver rito after a …whatever match.
      I also noticed how the policemen looked at them. Love! Freeze! lol

  2. Great pictures! They give hope! Love is the strongest power.