Monday , March 27 2023
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Greek Riot Granny … Hurls Stone Against Police (Video)

After riot dog Loukanikos is new symbol arises out of Greek protests. The Riot Granny! An older woman walks in downtown Athens -probably last Thursday – and watches rioters hurling stones against a riot police squad. The youth shout to policemen something like “You work for 700 euro”. The senior hesitates a bit and she probably get a flash back of her cut pension….She picks up a stone and hurls it against th epolice. While she turns away, she shouts “Go to hell!”.

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  1. hehehehe.. go girl!!!!!…….

  2. This grandmother is throwing stones in the street. Where are all the others “too much talk and too little action” Greeks? Are they waiting for grandma to do the work for them?
    Go grandma go!