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New Government? “These Greeks are Crazy”…

Obelix would be fully correct should he sit in front of his television and watch the news about the negotiations on the new Greek government. Greece’s lenders are over with patience, the USA isn’t feeling any better either. Greece’s EU ‘allies’, the Germans went even so far to prescribe the duration of the Greek government. Papandreou and Samaras have been holding meetings bringing on the table for the prime Minister’s office, the one name after the other. The hours pass and no decision has been reached yet. Everybody is literally exhausted…

Papandreou leaving President’s Office on Sunday evening

Greeks’ nerves are blank. Some have already started to pile up pasta and rice in their kitchen, fearing the worst.


Here I must underline, I have immense difficulties to follow the trend: I eat pasta and rice once in 6 months to 2 years – And when I do, it’s mostly  be in the summertime. (Go figure..) Therefore, in case ‘things will get worst’ I will starve and you shouldn’t wonder why KTG doesn’t post anymore.

But deep in our hearts we are happy-go-lucky people – a habit that apparently come from the allegedly too much ouzo we drink all through the day and night.

So let’s have some fun and take a look at the Greek internet and what Greeks posted about the Papandreou-Samaras ‘national salvation or unity government, that some Greeks call a …wedding.

uploaded by Greek comedian Harry Klynn

 @Vassilis : “it doesn’t specify whose salvation. I’m pretty sure its not the Greek people’s”

@Rodia: “Merkel said “I hope Greece will be saved’ but she meant ‘I hope German banks will be saved’.

@Theodora: “Unelected officials from #EC, #ECB, #IMF force on #Greece an unelected PM & the rest of #Europe applauds. That sends a shiver down my spine.” and “Then there’s this minor detail that #Papademos was never elected by anyone but he’ll sign an agreement that binds #Greece for 10 years.”

Teacher Merkel evaluates Papandreou’s home work. “Hm….”

@ThePressProject: “Eat your meal or else we exit the Euro” on international and Papandreou’s claims that Greece will be kicked out the EuroZone.

@Sxoliasmoi “President’s Office distribute the ‘unity gov’t’ statement per e-mail” – Watch the video

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@comzeradd  “The Referendum would give the wrong answer. The elections an unknown government. Fortunately a consensus has been agreed and we’ll have non-elected Prime Minister.”

@Ellinofrenia “Iwish they agrre, so Skai TV would calm down.”

@Alexandros “Those who wanted Greeks to define their own future are preaching today how important European unity is. Hypocrisy is a Greek word!”

@pitsirikos (blogger) “Banker Loukas Papademos would be the most appropriate for PM. He already declared , he will turn Greece in the Citibank of the South.” [When Papandreou won the 2009 elections he had declared, he will turn Greece into ‘Denmark’ of the South].

To those foreginers claiming,  they “don’t inderstand what’s going on in Greece” I have to say one thing “Neither we do!” – but we sit back and follow the developments relaxed… drinking an Ouzo or two or more… Hicks! Hicks! Hurray!


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  1. As always, I love your posts, dedication and humour so much!!! We have to keep laughing, I really believe it’s the only thing that will get us through all of this. love the pics btw. and i much prefer pasta to ospria – my nemesis from the days when (I thought) I was poor 😉

  2. Salads, bread and cheese are the BEST, and yes, I’m poor again but this time I’m not alone, unfortunately – though since many of us are in the same boat so to say, I’m not really stressed about the bills, the bills, the bills 😉 KEEP TALKING GREECE!

  3. well you know what we are like KTG us greeks theres nothing more we like than drinking ouzo. in fact i use to go to school drunk on ouzo since i was 5 else the teacher would say i didnt do my homework. and then when i got a job because we are lazy the boss would buy me a beer so i could relax. we all know greek bosses dont want to strain their workforce too much and always pay on time.but its ok cos we can get a pension at 30. have i forgotten any stereotype? 🙂

    • you forgot that your mom (nad mine) was dancing syrtaki all day long instead of taking caring of you

    • That’s totally SHOCKING Vassilis!!! Going to school drunk on ouzo since you were 5???!!!! No wonder we are in it knee deep!
      Don’t you know that ouzo is poison? Totally chemical? You should have been drunk on tsipouro instead.

  4. The wedding looks a nice affair but I would hate to be in the vicinity when it is consummated.