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German Book on “How to Live Like the Greeks” – Yikes

After the outrage about the British Channel 4 reality show “Go Greek for a Week” full of anti-Greek crescendos and misleading information, another tasteless ‘approach’ full of prejudices appears in …Germany. The otherwise serious publishing house “Rowohlt” published a book with the Title “Greekfy Your Life – Enjoy Life Free of Charge – Big Fat Greek Living”. German Title: Griechify Your Life” – I can’t copy the book picture….

In Rowohlt’s online presentation of the book, one reades the author’s introduction notice:

“From Socrates through  Zorba to Papandreou, the Greek have always known what’s good: live and enjoy – but not necessarily pay! Should we condemn this wisdom? That would be stupid. It would be much more fun if we would  imitate them! We can learn from the Greeks! Let’s start on that. Whether in the office, at the parking space, or in love – Greek-fyers benefit, while others do the work.”

On the reading examples online, the author advices his readership to use “tzatziki” in order to secure a place in a full tramway wagon. “Open your tupperware full of tzatziki and you secure a sitting place all by yourself – The odour will scare the other passengers”.

Before I vomit my tzatziki-breakfast over my desk and pc screen, I say “HUH, that was hilarious :(:(:(”

The Jumping-Jack of an author is apparenlty an awarded satirist. A German…

Rowohlt link to reading probe and Link to Book description

We thank Gaby, a KTG-reader, for drawing this to our attention

PS Before you spend €4,99 to read the ‘book’ online – cheap price for cheap humour -,  please, consider sending KTG a … donation 🙂 – KTG dares claiming, it has much better humour lololol

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  1. Germans should think about this one, made by another German comedian. Greek/German to be precise: “Greece gave the world democracy, theatre, mathematics. Without us, they could not even calculate how much we owe them!”

    • keeptalkinggreece

      that’s a good one hehe

      • He is Jorgos Katsáros. His father is from my village and he will be performing in Leipzig from November 2011 till January 2012.
        I think your German readers are better of spending there D-Euro at those shows then on that ‘book’.
        (but if you don’t allow the ‘plug’ I understand) 🙂

  2. yes maybe you did but what have you done with it yourself you and only you the greedy Greek people have destroyed your country so stop blaming others face up to the fact that you are a nation a corrupt tax evading greedy people take take take the favourite saying I have been met with many times is NO GIVE MONEY BACK

    • I hope you still understand what you are saying. But you lost me completely here… Some punctuation might be helpful.

    • This is appaling! Germans should first return the 1.3 trillion they have ROBBED Greece and then open their mouth. Germans are artists in corruptions, so look who is talking…I would like to see what it is when the REAL debt of Germany comes out…Also, we ALL know how the Germans get benefits for just sitting around…We would like to invite you to Greece and offer you the equivalent job you have in Germany and see how you cope…Please inform us how greedy you will be then and the way you tax evade as Greeks would like to find out how you achieved that…Germany has a good background in Propaganda and Volksverhetzung (racial incitement of the masses), (may I remind you, so your comments come to prove to the readers that Goebbels offspings are among us… SHAME ON YOU! Let alone this money never reach any Greek, but the GERMAN and FRENCH banksters. May be you should think harder and remember the scandals of Siemens, Krupps, and many others in Greece and other countries…so far to corruption and scandals…

      • Also, let me remind you the following:
        „Wer wider besseres Wissen in Beziehung auf einen anderen eine unwahre Tatsache behauptet oder verbreitet, welche denselben verächtlich zu machen oder in der öffentlichen Meinung herabzuwürdigen oder dessen Kredit zu gefährden geeignet ist, wird mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu zwei Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe und, wenn die Tat öffentlich, in einer Versammlung oder durch Verbreiten von Schriften (§ 11 Abs. 3) begangen ist, mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu fünf Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe bestraft.“

        – § 187 StGB

        does this ring a bell?
        I think that someone should start prosecuting some of you in your courts, so the German taxpayer pays for all defamation you make money from and teach you a lesson.

  3. I hate Greek politicians who make me feel guilty for crimes I didn’t commit!!!

  4. german satirist thats an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms isnt it? its good to see european solidarity at work. also i always wondered why i always find a space to sit on the bus, it must be the tsatsiki flavoured chewing gum and toothpaste i use.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I personally use tzatziki toothpaste in the airplane and onion flavoured in the metro

      • HA! Herr Bittrich has never experienced skordalia! With a good helping skordalia for breakfast you don’t need a cutting or welding torch. One breath and steel just melts. Think I ruined countless computer screens after just a light coughing after the first packet of sigs in the morning.

  5. I remember being for the first time in a east Berlin tram and i had been eating something with garlic the night before. Some school kids in my back were trying to show me something with their typical German hypocritical not direct talk and i figured they were annoyed by garlic. I just turned around and screamed them in their stupid faces: “Garlic isn’t stinking you stinking German pocks! Got it!”

  6. with neighbors like the Dutch, noone should complain about garlic in tzatziki…Garlic ice cream it is…Also, I do not see any irritation from the intense smell of garlic in the Indian and Arab couisin…
    another cheap shot I guess wherever possible