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Greece New Unity Gov’t: “Farce” Turned into “Fiasco”

Conclusion: At the end of the day…The “Farce” turned into “Fiasco”. Unity Gov’t talks to ressume Thursday at 10 am.  I think, Papandreou is still PM. Need somebody to pinch me!

Live Blogging is over. Don’t drink too much!

 George and Antonis trying to catch the moon….

07:57 pm Prez Office says referring to Karatzaferis incident an hour ago “It was all a misunderstanding, because Samaras had come a bit earlier than scheduled.” [So Karatzaferis was right to get angry that the three had a meeting together lol]

o7:50 pm THE JOKE OF THE DAY: Political leaders will meet at the Prez Mansion tomorrow, Thursday, at 10 a.m.

Samaras left the Papoulias-Papandreou meeting.

I think, we sit here with Papandreou as PM again/stil/…

No PM’s name to be announced today, I think…


07:46 pm Aleka Papariga (Communist Party) commented on the lastest developments “they deserve it right!”

07:37 pm state NET: Papandreou proposed to Samaras <Papademos> as PM but Samaras rejected him as “banker”. Papandreou proposed to Sam <Venizelos> , Sam rejected him. Papandr proposed to Papademos “Foreign Ministry” + Alternate PM, but Papademos rejected.

What I understand is that while Papandreou – Samaras discuss the new gov’t, outside there is a political war between ND & PASOK making leakages ot the press, and the potential 3rd partner Karatzaferis left to unknown direction . I wonder what kind of government they will form ….

07:36 pm New Gov’t: Defense Minister: Dimitris Avramopoulos (ND) = Samaras will put political person after all..   ND dismissed th enews as claims…at 07:45 pm

07:34 pm Samaras reportedly told Papoulias-Papandreou “I have no problem to accept either Petsalnikos, or Papademas or anybody else” (state NET TV)= PM’s name could still be open!?

07:28 pm With only two parties and one party member as PM we can’t talk of any ‘national unity or salvation government’ but of a simple coalition gov’t…. Too much ado about nothing…

07:20 pm Karatzaferis told the name of new PM <Philippos Petsalnikos> while talking to the press. “I’m sorry”, he said “I don’t want Petsalnikos, without Papademos there will be a big problem for the country.”



Meanwhile PASOK Ministers, MPs and officials are still in uproar over the new PM.

Philippos Petsalnikos

07:11 pm Confusion! It looks as if  Karatzaferis got angry because he suspected a pre-meeting between Papoulias-Papandreou-Samaras. Some journos claim, Katatzaferis was informed about another PM’s name before he went to Prez mansion. [We have to wait until the issue clears…]

ALERT:  07:09 pm Karatzaferis left the presid mansion and told the press: “It’s unacceptable that Papandreou and Samaras play tactic games and they carry away the president with them”.

07:02 pm Nea Dimokratia spokesman Michelakis dropped a …’bombshell’  saying “There was never proposal for Papademos as PM. Had they [PASOK] made such a proposal we would have accepted!” (state NET TV, Proto Thema newspaper etc) So it looks as if indeeded there was disagreement within PASOK on Papademos… Background comes to surface already now lol

07:01 pm Papandreou – Karatzaferis- Papoulias awaiting Samaras for the political leaders meeting.

06:43 pm Papandreou must have submitted his resignation to the President by now….

06:33 pm Uproar in PASOK due to ‘new’ PM. Ministers threaten to resign [from the party, I guess]. Some allegedly said “All these talks and negotiations to end up with Petsalnikos?”

Papandreou – Papoulias

o6:30 pm Pres. Papoulias to Papandreou: “There is a relief because we have been waiting for the new gov’t in the last 24 hours. The new gov’t will carry a heavy load.”

06:24 pm Papandreou spoke of a coalition gov’t that will produce achievements – Samaras insists of a ‘transition gov’t of limited duration and authorizations”. Hm….

06:19 pm PASOK ministers & MPs still strongly oppose Petsalnikos as PM. They believe, he won’t be able to manage all this, Papandreou has in mind. [I think, he doesn’t speak English, but German lol] Petsalnikos is allegedly one of the architects of the referentum. He is considered to be PAp’s Alter Ego. There is also a question whether top ministers will join the new gov’t under Petsalnikos.

06:18 pm The President will announce the name of PM to political leaders, asks them if they agree and want to particip in the new gov’t.

06:14 pm Papandreou – Papoulias meeting started -Resignation to be submitted any minute…

06:08 pm Keep Walking! – you never know –

06:06 pm Papandreou walks to President Mansion

Papandreou I want to thank you all, we tried to put the citizen over the markets. Due to your efforts Greece can hope. I ish all the best to new P. Thank you. [Speech over]

Papandreou We managed to avoid the bankruptcy, [he counts all MoUs], we managed … [political blahblah]. For the shake of the nation’s shake I never depended on my chair. I carry the Greek flag in my heart, when I travel abroad.

For me Greece was an ption, as a diaspora child I am. [Finally! He admitted …]

Papandreou  reasons for economic crisis, tax evasion, clientelism, black money in Switzerland etc. I want to send a message of optimism to all Greeks. When the loan agreement is worked out, the country will be in better position, will not need to borrow anymore [haha].

Papandreou I can assure Greeks that we will protect this new agreement [Oct 26th – 2nd bailout], the new gov’t will secure the 6th tranche… [so far nothing new from what he said last Friday]

Papandreou: The new effort is a chance for a new era…We Greeks fight next to each other [ my pc strikes a bit lol]

Papandreou: From the beginning I tried to achieve consent – We didn’t have it , now we do. The new government sets aside disagreements.

05:54 pm Papandreou Addresses the nation!

first words not broadcasted…

05:49 pm PASOK MP’s and Cabinet ministers oppose Petsalnikos as PM (state NET TV) – New talks…

05:47 pm Only Papandreou, Samaras and Karatzaferis (far-right) will take part at political leaders convene with the President. Will far-right LAOS be part of the new gov’t?

05:46 pm More Greek media claim PASOK MP’s strong reactions over Petsalnikos – Another deadlock?

05:36 pm Europeans speak of “Eurozone of two Speeds” -Kohl’s vision will finally come true – Good girl, Angela!  Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece will sit on the same wagon “Una Faca, Una Raca” (One Face, one race…) 

05:35 pm Papoulias will convene political leaders at 7 pm – Left-wing  SYRIZA and Communist Party (KKE) rejected Pappoulias’ invitation.

05:29 pm Athens Stock Exchange closed  -1.61% at 767.11 points.

05:27 pm Newspaper Proto Thema (online edition) claims almost whole of PASOK ‘frozen’ over Papandreou’s decision to pick Petsalnikos as PM.

05:21 pm

off topic : Merry Melodies – That’s All Folks!

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05:10 pm Papandreou – Papoulias appointment at 6 pm! Papandreou expected to address the nation before. Pap’s declaration will be televised from PM’s Maximou Mansion

05:08 pm Papandreou left his office at the Parliament – maybe a short declaration to the nation….

05:04 pm

President’s source: “There will be some short delay of a couple of minutes” (state NET TV) Papoulias there, Papandreou not.

05:00 pm No Papandreou seen near President’s Mansion – Anyone seen him? or heard any helicopter over Athens?

04:54 pm Greece will go soon back to normal. Public sector union ADEDY decided for 3h work stoppage on Nov 15/2011 and protest march 🙂

04:51 pm Can you imagine Papandreou declares, he remains PM for the shake of the country? *bigger grind*


Three Steps to New Government: 1) PM visits President & submits resignation  2) The President convenes the political leaders and asks them whether they want to participate  3) Announcement of the New Government.

04:38 pm

No Papandreou’s address to the nation so far…. According to state broadcast everything is ready at the President’s Mansion in case Papandreou wants to address the public.

 – Greek media claim “Philippos Petsalnikos most likely for PM” – nothing confirmed , nothing ‘unofficially’ leaked to the press

04:15 pm

Unconfirmed: Papandreou to speak to the nation at 4.30 pm, before go to President’s office and submit resignation.

Rumor: Papandreou – Samaras agreed  on political solution to PM – Scenarios 1)Philippos Petsalnikos, Parliament speaker, to be the new PM 80% Evaggelos Venizelos, Finance Minister, 20%

*** Time for a break and music – Exercise is healthy for those sitting in front of PC the whole day

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2:41 pm Another PM-rumour (to enjoy with caution) Philippos Petsalnikos – current Parliament speaker (mega tv)

02:28 pm Papoulias – Papandreou appointment scheduled for 5 pm = Papandreou’s resignation 95%?

02:25 pm President Papoulias left his office [for lunch and a nap]. He told reporters “We’ve finished. I’ll come in the afternoon” (Mega TV) = Papandreou unlikely to submit in the next 1-2 hours….

02:11 pm Nea Dimokratia blames PASOK for the gov’t delay. It looks as if ND has agreed on everything. ”The solution lies in the hands of Papandreou. There must be a solution and an end” (ND statement).

01:41 pm From  MERKOZY to PAPASCONI …comics

…and from PapaZelou (Papandreou-Venizelos) to SamaNdreou (Samaras-Papandreou) to SamaZelou??? 

01:38 pm Conservative Nea Dimokratia insists on 1)no elected MP’s in the new gov’t 2) no signature in the Eurogroup ‘

01:32 pm Latest Rumour on PM’s name: Papandreou-Samaras agreed on a politician currently holding a leading office in the current gov’t. Venizelos ? I’dt give 90%. Pangalos? I’d give 10%….

01:31 pm Greece’s Central Bank governor Provopoulos:

 “Any delay in forming a new gov’t threatens to damage further country’s credibility. ..the immediate formation of a new gov’t is imperative”
  01:10 pm A Procedure we hope to see today:
The PM goes to the President of the Republic and submit his resignation. The President announces the new government
01:08 pm Greek journos: “New gov’t to be announced after 2 pm”. Karolos Papoulias already took place at the Presidential Mansion.

12:43 pm “Ths ship is heading towards the rocks, the airplane flies into a heavy storm…” So dramatic? Maybe…. It’s 12:43 pm on Wednesday and still no new Greek government around.

To the long list of PM candidates new names were added. After Papademos, Roumeliotis, Diamantouros, Kaklamanis, Petsalnikos, Skouris, now the name of Ioannis Koukiades -Chairman Greek Privatization Agency – was added.

Greek journalists claim the new government will be announced at around 2 pm

At the Athens Stock Exchange, investors’ patience seems to have run thin on the fifth day of government talks. As of 12:50 pm, the General Index shows 760.30 units and -2.48%.

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“Any delay in forming a new gov’t threatens to damage further country’s credibility. ..the immediate formation of a new gov’t is imperative”

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