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Greece Officially: Papademos Assigned New PM- Live Blogging

03:12 pm KTG’s impression from new PM: he speaks like an academician & banker and looks like non-smoker lol

Time for a long break on the Greek Gov’t issue- KTG will come back when there clear answers to the questions (see below)

03:09 pm Papademos said, there were not given any  ‘conditions to any political leader’ for his participation in the new gov’t. [& dismissed pasok’s leakages to the press yesterday lol].

03:04 pm Papademos statement: “I’m not a politician. We need unity and cooperation. This is a transition government. Greece is at very crucial crossroads. The road won’t be easy but problems will be solved.”

03:01 pm Papademos speaking : “broader cooperation gov’t”

02:57 pm new Greek PM to make official statement soon. Papandreou is allegedly packing his things at MAximos Mansion.

02:47 pm Open questions that need answers: which political parties take part in the new gov’t? when the elections date? Papandreou resigned? most likely not…

02:34 pm Official statement from Greek Presidency: Lucas Papademos assigned to form new government – New Gov to be sworn in Friday, Nov 11th 2011 at 2 pm

02:24 pm (state NET TV) 3 parties in the new gov’t – will take oath tomorrow Friday, at 2 pm – However nothing official yet….

01:43 pm  Greek media claim: Official statement by Greek Presidency on Lucas Papademos’ appointment as new PM expected soon. – Papademos is still talking wiht political leaders – that’s a sign…

01:40 pm Why Greek media claim “90% of Greek people want Papademos as PM”? whereas he will fully implement IMF/EU Loan-Agreements and austerity programme…

12:58 pm No official statement yet on whether Lucas Papademos will be the new Greek PM – Stand by to hear “Habemus …Papad”

12:32 pm Shock! Unemployment at 18.4% in August 2011

12:30 pm Papademos expected to be sworn-in as new Prime Minister of Greece in a few hours (multiple reports, not verified)

12:26 pm Athens Stock Exchange +3.11% at 790.94 units

12:08 pm Lucas Papademos arrives at Presidential Mansion to join political leaders meeting.

The meeting between (still) PM George Papandreou, Conservative Antonis Samaras, far-right Giorgos Karatzaferis and the President of the Greek Republic started at 10 a.m. The three leaders are seeking to form a “national unity” transition  government that will lead Greece to early elections and try to get the sixth aid tranche. On Wednesday the government forming talks between Papandreou and Samaras were abruptly interrupted when Papandreou’s MPs opposed the proposed PM (Petsalnikos) and a ‘war’ of leakages to the press by both PASOK and Nea Dimokratia spoiled the talks.

Today the most powerful name to be at PM’s office is that of Lucas Papademos, former Vice President of European Central Bank. After yesterday’s farce, Papademos seems to be the new “messiah” for all political parties involved, including many PASOK deputies…

The “dirty” communications game lead to full depreciation of the public discourse and angered the citizens. Therefore, I am not going to do a Live Blogging today 🙂

I will only update occasionally this post, for breaking through and real tripled-confirmed news.

My impression is that Papandreou want to remain in the government whereas he paid farewell to the Greeks in a televised address last night.

Can a new government being successful when formed under a full moon 🙂 Many astrologists doubt it lol …

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  1. If anybody still had a glimmer of hope that the political class here was trying hard to get Greece out of it’s crisis? Please read this:
    They were far to busy with deciding who could appoint a new management at both Hellenic Broadcasting (ERT)and the Athens-Macedonian News Agency. *sigh*

  2. Welcome back! That was a drastic way to end your live-blogging! 😉
    I was out for a while. Come back. Find KTG off-line and Papademos PM. Wow, maybe somebody is telling me to get out more often??? 😀