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11. Greek PM Swears In 11.11.11 – “Numbers” & “Stars” on Papademos

11.11.11. is the date the drives numerologists crazy, a synchronicity occurring once in a lifetime… well… one in a century. Now if the 11th Prime Minister of Greece Lucas Papademos is to swear in on a date full of auspicious, spiritual, occult and paranormal signs, it can’t be but intriguing to take a close look it. To the whole significant add the fact that Papademos was born on 11th – however in October and not in  November, which I dare say, that’s a big foul from the side of our PM, who was born not on 11.11.(19)11 but on Oct 11. 1947, a harmony loving Libra.

Explain Numerology  in + (positive) and – (negative):

11 =2 that translates: +mediator, peace love, desire for harmony; – too independent, passive-aggressive

11.11.11 = the lots of Ones translate into: +leadership, strong vibrations, independence, creativity, ambitions, determination, self-assurance; – arrogant, stubborn, impatient, self-centered.

11.11.2011 = 8 translates : + manager, practical, business-minded, organizer, strong, successful; – tense, materialistic, narrow-minded, authoritarian

11.10.1947 (or 10/11/1947 lol) = 6 ruled by Venus: + peace lover, harmony, stable; -superficial, jealous, possessive

Papademos’ Horoscope:

11. October 1947 – Libra;  harmony and peace loving

Moon in Virgo = rational, hard-working, a bit hypochondriac, wants to be useful

Mercury in Scorpio = investigative, introverted

Venus in Libra = harmony, beauty, order

Mars in Leo = generous, dynamic

Jupiter in Scorpio = unbelievable inner power, ability to re-born like a Phoenix, unexpected events, career not planned [ Papademos had not planned to become PM :)]

His Horoscope for today:

“You may work hard today to balance powerful forces. You may be torn between a lust for adventure and a need for communication. Either way, the bottom line is freedom to do and say the things you want. This is an important time to spread your wings despite any opposition. You can’t go wrong with anything involving higher learning, religion, or spirituality.” (horoscope)

Stars Constellation and Warnings:

How Libra is influenced by

Mercury-Venus-North Nod Nov 10 – 18  = Huge amount of energy in form of communication, excellent start for something new [ Papademos becomes PM]

Mercury Retrograde: No 24-Dec 13 =

1) Be careful, somebody wants to trip you [ most likely the unity gov’t politicians?]

2) Many good ideas – able to create a perfect project , so perfect that you can even submit it to a bank and get a loan [ 🙂 🙂 :)]


In general the 11.11.11 is considered to be the day of positive energy [.. and fun?]

PS As for the delays and the turnarounds of the last days there is no planet, astrology or numerology explanation on this. “Greece” and “Papandreou” have forced all astrologists to tear their diplomas apart… Latest info: the new gov’t

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  1. “In general the 11.11.11 is considered to be the day of positive energy [.. and fun?]”
    And why was the refma out all day in our village? Can’t call that “positive energy” and no “fun” either. Didn’t even had a shower since the boiler was not warmed up yet.