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Greece’s New Go’vt: Banker Leads 48 Officials (Socialists, Conservatives & Far-Right)

The new Greek government is here and was sworn in at the Presidential Mansion in Athens on Friday afternoon. The new government consists of three political parties: PASOK (Socialists), Nea Dimocratia (COnservatives) and LAOS (Far-Right). Head of the new government is  Lucas Papademos, banker and ex Vice President of ECB. A non-elected PM, after George Papandreou was forced to step down when his own MPs uproared against his decision on a referendum on the loan-agreement with Greece’s lenders.

Major Posts

Prime Minister: Lucas Papademos – Finance Minister: Evaggelos Venizelos (PASOK)- Foreign Minister: Stavros Dimas (ND)- Defence Minister: Dimitris Avramopoulos (ND)- Health Minister: Andreas Loverdos (PASOK) – Citizens’ Protection: Christos Papoutsis (PASOK)- Tourism & Culture: Pavlos Geroulanos (PASOK)- Justice : Miltiadis Papaioannou (PASOK)- Education: Anna Diamantopoulou (PASOK), Infrastructure &Transport: Makis Vorides (LAOS) etc etc

Government spokesman: most likely Giorgos Stavropoulos (ex judge)

Deputy PM: Venizelos and Pangalos ( as in former gov’t)

In the transitional  ‘national unity government’ that consists of 48 people: PASOK (Socialists) has 38 officials,  Nea Dimocratia (Conservative) 6 and LAOS (far-right) 4.

LAOS gets one ministry Infrastructure, Transport (taxi, trucks dispute) and three positions as alternate ministers for Agriculture(Rontoulis) , Defence (Georgiou) and Development/Maritime (Georgiadis).


Six officials from the old government are out. Among them Panos Beglitis (Defence) who triggered an uproar for replacing in a surprise move the whole leadership of the Greek Armed Forces, just hours when it was clear the power of the old government was falling apart.

Next Moday or Tuesday the new governmental policies will be announced at the Parliament targeting the vote of confidence. The 3-part government has 249 seats in the parliament. PASOK 153, ND 85, LAOS 11.


– In some ministries there are representatives of all three parties, like Defence: Minister ND, two alternate (PASOK, LAOS), deputy Min (PASOK).

– Finance Ministry: Min and two alternate (PASOK) , deputy Min (ND)

– Dimitris Avramopoulos resigned from his seat at the Parliament as ND insisted of not providing the new gov’t with elected members of the parliament.

– Rumors: The oath was delayed because the ‘papyrous’ where the ministers sign were not printed  as by 2 pm; the oath was postponed for 4 pm.

-Claims: Papademos was adding and deleting names from the government list until 3 a.m. last night


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  1. Just found your blog a few days ago and would like to say a big thank you! for the work you’re doing here, it’s great to have a source on developments in Greece that is well-updated and have some insight into the country. The newspapers where I live are not doing that great a job with Greece, sadly.

    Also, KTG is fun to read. 🙂 So thank you, and keep up the good work!

  2. Is it true that they have cancelled the feb 19th elections?

    • no, it’s not – although now some deputies from PASOK try to persuade us “why should a siccessful gov’t go for elections”. They seem to forget, this is not an elected-gov’t given the new circumstances after the last elections. Moreover it has a non-elected PM.

  3. FORTY-EIGHT???!!! Wow, that’s a real ‘caretaker government’. Austerity seems to be paramount…
    Just a little comparison: the Dutch Cabinet, at the moment, consists of 20 officials: 12 Ministers (that’s including the PM) and 8 State Secretaries. OK, Germany has more. Merkel-II has 17 Ministers (incl. PM) and 31 or so Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär bzw. Staatsminister. But that’s still just 48. Just 4 more than Greece…
    Must be a real crowded house when they all meet in Maximus Mansion.

  4. who on earth picked adonis georgiadis for a ministry job?
    what is he going to do sell books to the public workers while citing ancient greek in a high pitched scream? and citizens now have to pay for 48 offices for these peacocks? they never learn do they? i think we need a cull. isnt that what you do when there are too many vermin in an area? you take out a few to bring the numbers down to manageable levels. i mean you had the 3 party leaders and they couldnt agree with eachother how will 48 of them agree on anything?