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Athens: Armed With a Sword, High School Student Runs Amok

That was a real shock for students and teachers, this morning in Athens when an 18-year-old run amok swinging a … Ninja-style sword. The teenager  wounded slightly the deputy director and a guard of the school who were taken to the hospital. Eyewitnesses report of unbelievable scenes that occurred in the school, when the teenager entered swinging the sword having lost any control. The boy entered the school yard and without a reason started to attack everyone crossing his way or better say standing nearby. The first ‘target’ of the teenager was a municipality worker, who managed to escape the boy’s attacks unharmed. Then the boy went to the second floor of the building and entered the principal;s office. Without a word, he tried to hit the deputy principal on the head. He was slightly injured on the shoulder.

After that, the teenager went back to the school yard and took down the Greek flag. Holding the sword, moved to another school on the opposite side of the road and hit a cleaner slightly on the hand.

Before things got really worst, the police that had rushed to the spot, arrested the teenager from Poland. The incident took place at the 1. High School of Marousi, one of the north suburbs of Athens. Speaking to news portal NewsIt, the school principal said that the boy had psychological and family problems and he was advised to seek a specialist. But that he didn’t do so…


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