Sunday , October 2 2022
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Selling Umbrellas on a Sunny Day ?!

I was walking at the beach with a friend on Sunday noon. The air was a bit chilly, full with the essences of the sea. The sun was shining with an extraordinary intensity for the season, covering the Saronic Gulf, the sand and the people with a sparkling and happy light. 

Young and old have have come to the beach today. They play soccer, walk their dogs, some even swim – on a sunny November Sunday…  While we walk on the sand, a young, thin guy, a street vendor, comes next to us, and showing his products he asks “Umbrellas?” Really stunned but cheerfully affected from the good mood around me, I tell him “Umbrellas??? On a sunny day? “. A big smile enlightens his face with a pair of perfect white teeth in strong contrast to his mahogany skin. “Just 4 euro!” he says. I repeat “Umbrellas, with such a sun shining?” I repeat. The vendor puts his hand inside his bag and TSAK! He takes out another product. “Sunglasses, maybe?” We all three break into a laughter.

“Do you give receipts?” I asked him. “Hahaha! You’re really funny” he answers back and blinds me with his luminous teeth.

We chat a bit in Greek and English while we keep walking on the same direction. Ngono (? sorry, couldn’t quite understand his name) is 25 years old from Nigeria. He came illegally to Greece 2 years ago, wants to earn some money here and continue his long journey through life to UK.

As we say Goodbye, he makes his last effort. “Umbrellas?” he asks and walks away laughing out loud.

Greek Police announced today that 2,412 illegal immigrants were expelled from the country in the first 10 months of 2011. They were sent back to their home countries. Maybe Ngono will never manage to reach the land of his dreams…

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  1. Sure you did not talk to a bankster undercover? Remember Mark Twain:

    “A banker is a fellow who lends his umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain.”



  2. Very wise man, this Ngono, very wise. One should indeed not wait until it rains before buying an umbrella. There might me non around or left.