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“Sign Now!” Eurogroup Juncker Sends Ultimatum to Greek Politicians

Eurogroup chief jean-Claude Juncker sent an ultimatum to Greek politicians demanding to sign and send the paper of consent until next Tuesday, November 29th/2011, when the finance ministers of the Euro zone will meet to decide on the sixth aid tranche to Greece.

Juncker’s ultimatum was officially spelled out during a joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos in Luxembourg. Juncker expressed optimism about the release of the 8 billion aid to a state that has liquidity to pay salaries and pensions until December 15th.

Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos stressed that the three partners of the coalition government must sign the guarantee to Greece’s lenders and show that they accept the austerity measures of the agreed loan package, so that the sixth tranche will be released.

PM Papademos and PASOK leader Papandreou are eager to send their signatures. Conservative Nea Dimokratia leader Antonis Samaras refuses to sign a written commitment arguing that he has given his verbal assurance that he will support the agreement. Third coalition partner, far-right LAOS leader Karatzaferis plans to send a letter to Greece’s lenders explaining some ‘issues’. Karatzaferis claims that austerity can bring left parties in power after the next elections. So what will happen with the signatures then?

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  1. Just sign with “malaka” or so and they won’t figure it for years.

  2. Yes, why Samaras is not signing the thing is beyond me. It is clear he will use it as toilet paper anyway… 😛