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Athens: Work Stoppages in State Hospitals, Schools, DEH, Nov 24/11

State hospital doctors in Athens and Piraeus launch a work stoppage from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm, and school teachers from 12-2 pm and 2-4 pm. Also state media like ET/NET and the Athens News Agency will not operate from 3-7 pm and 8 pm to midnight. After riot police intervention at occupied DEH department, GENOP-DEH union launched a work stoppage after 12 o’ clock noon. So no need to go to any DEH branch and try to pay or have corrected the property tax bill today. State ambulance service EKAV will also have a work stoppage 12-3 pm because one EKAV unionist was arrested at the DEH incidents.

Riot Police – Unionists …

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  1. Let me see what this means, for an average person today in Greece:
    Ones children are standing on the doorstep. So you have to leave work early to take care of them. Now you are at home and want to pay or correct your property tax bill. You take the kids and find the doors of the local DEH closed. Back home you put on the TV/Radio to see what the fuss is all about. But there is no news since ANA is on strike too. And the public media, for which you also wanted to pay through your DEH-bill, are striking too.
    OK, then it is a good idea to use this ‘lost’ day for cleaning your house. Only to find that the electricity stops working and your vacuum cleaner stops in the middle of your cleaning. You explode in anger and get a heart attack. With the last breath one manages to call the ambulance service, only to hear they can’t pick you up because they are on a ‘just’ strike because one of them was arrested…
    Just one of those days in paradise… Well, one can hope that one will end up there… 😛

    • you could take the dust form your furniture, take care of the plants, sweep the balcony, go for a walk with your kids, spend part of property tax money and enjoy a stress-free day :)))))