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Greece:Two Brothers Set Cat on Fire & Upload Video on FB

Pets-hating scums are among us! Soso and Mitsos are a brother and a sister (so they claim on Facebook) who abused and set on fire an unlucky cat. They are both teenagers aroudn 18 years old. Somewhere in Greece. The idiots uploaded the video of the animal abuse and torture on Facebook and claimed to be proud of their ‘achievements’.
Proto Thema  reports that the two low-humans called the cat from their window and lured it with food. Once the poor cat (apparently called “Psipsinel”) came closer, one of the devils-kids, allegedly the boy Mitsos Papasp. holding a hair spray and a lighter, sprayed the flammable liquid to the cat who was set on fire within seconds.

Animal Welfare portal, reported that the cat did not get a huge harm and that she is alive. It seems, it was a neighbourhood stray cat, who used to visit often the garden of the two. As expected there has been a big outcry on internet, and that the two had apparently deleted their profiles.

The case reached the Electronic Crime Units of the Greek Police currently searching for the scums that need to be arrested and go to prison as soon as possible.

PS ‘congrats’ to both of them and their parents (grrrrrrrr)

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  1. Scum indeed. May they be caught and may they burn in the afterlife when their time comes… 😡

  2. Unfortunately every country has its share of brain-dead idiots.

    I sincerely hope whoever catches them has a can of hairspray and a lighter handy…

  3. Mother fucking bastards. :LFDJSFL:KJSDFL:KJ. I wish I could find these fuckers before the police did.