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Greece’s Fashion King Arrested for Tax Evasion

Greece’s most famous fashionistas, LakisGavalas was arrested with handcuffs and all the necessary accessories on Friday night in Athens. Police arrested “Mr. Lak” in the context of arresting big scale state debtors. Greek media report, that Gavalas was for almost a week the most wanted state debtor, but authorities efforts to locate him neither in his office nor in his home were fruitless. At the same time Gavalas was one of the Faboulous 5(Fab5) a reality show trying to turn an ordinary Greek man into a fashion icon. Nevertheless, on Friday night, Mr Lak decided to go to a night club and amused hismself  with other life-style icons of the Athens local society.

The Financial Crimes Units (SDOE) of the Greek Finance Ministry got a trace of him, but the arrest was executed by a Narcotics & Weapons police unit. Both units let apparently Gavalas first have a great time and they arrested him later after he had left the night club.

Greece’s famous entrepreneur -often celebrated in local media as “King of Lifestyle”, “Guru of Fashion” and “Fashion Icon” – had already problems with the SDOE since last February.  At that time it was leaked to the Greek press that he was owing the state some 5 million euro. His debts to the state had squeezed him financially with the effect that he could not import anymore Burberry, D&G or Dior and his customers were outraged about delayed or cancelled deliveries.

With a list of some 14,000 people at hand, SDOE units proceed to arrests of big scale debtors in the recent times. Some pay and go free, some promise to pay and go free on bail. Greek Finance Ministry had to chase big scale tax evaders after the public outcry over strict austerity measures on the costs of employees and pensioners.

PS Almost a year later I wonder whether Gavalas’  customers can still afford to buy expensive clothes & accessories. The fall of Gavalas’ industry will leave more people without a job…

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One comment

  1. I am afraid that most of his customers can still afford that stuff. And they will be.
    The first time a member of the Big Families will be arrested then I might start to thing some things might really change. And when then parliament would strike that idiotic immunity law for politicians and the SDOE starts arresting sitting members of parliament, then I know it for sure.
    I am afraid that will be when pigs fly…