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Small & Flexible Greek Public Services to Combat Bureaucracy & Corruption

I am impressed! In order to reduce bureaucracy in public services Administrative Reform Minister Dimitris Reppas prepared a plan that he would present to the cabinet meeting today. ” The implementation of this program is of particular importance, as it intends in addition to reducing bureaucracy to reduce to zero the phenomena of corruption” says a … statement I assume that has been published in the Greek media.

In order to achieve the goal to put an end to corruption and the time-consuming bureaucratic procedures, the Ministry plans to minimize the contacts between citizens and officials. For this purpose the Ministry it will provide an incentive to everyone to use the phone and  via Fax to receive documents needed or even make use of the Internet.Every citizen will be able to receive documents through the internet and even forward them to any relevant public services. Finally, the project foresees to provide more  service capabilities in the Municipalities Customer Services-KEP.” ( and other media)

If the Ministry puts also personnel behind these telephone-, internet- and e-mail services, I have nothing against it. Because so far civil servants are notorious in Greece to have an incredible allergy answering citizens’ requests via these technological means. Also if the Ministry find funds to pay the KEP employees and have them sign new contracts I would even think that that is a great progress. KEP staff has been reduced dramatically due to austerity measures. The same is happening to the public sector. 

Of course, the other solution would be roboters answering citizens’ requests.

PS Am I really bad and suffer from a ‘prejudice’-syndrome?


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One comment

  1. Yes, you’re really bad and not suffering from prejudice-syndrom. 😉

    Wasn’t Mr. Reppas the minister who, waaaaaaaaaaayyy back in the autumn of 2010 did not act on the measure introduced by Ragoulis about opening up the truck-market? For which we did not have petrol in the middle of the summer??? That mr. Reppas? Oh, then it is a nice soundbite. Nothing more.
    See, I also do not suffer from p-s but we suffer from a memory that’s to long for most of our fellow citizens. 😆