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Coma-Patient Wakes Up After 2.5 years

It was a traffic accident that sent Marina Spyriadi, 28, into a big sleep two and a half years ago. The young lawyer was transfered to the Mytilene hospital with heavy brain injuries in a state that the doctors’ described as ‘clinical dead’. Her family did not give up the hope, that Marina may recover some day. The miracle occurred some time ago. She wope up form the deep coma. Her situation is continuously improving, she has begun to eat from the mouth, she learns to speak again.

There are still surgeries to be done, a lot of physiotherapy until the young woman fully recovers. But she is back to life. 

It’s amazing how the brain ‘decides’ to start working again.

But such cases raise again the question of organ donation from ‘clinically dead’ patients….


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  1. Clinical death is the medical term for cessation of blood circulation and breathing, the two necessary criteria to sustain life.[1] It occurs when the heart stops beating in a regular rhythm, a condition called cardiac arrest. The term is also sometimes used in resuscitation research.

    When your heart stops, you are clinically death. So, when this was the reason doctors in that hospital to declare her death and wanted to stop her treatment than I hope those doctors are fired long ago and not working at that hospital anymore.
    Failure by doctors is possible at all time. I have at least one and possibly two close family members who died because of medical failures or mistakes. But in my honest opinion it should nobody deter from visiting one or from carrying a donor card. Mistakes happen, but saving a life by being a donor is still better than throwing away your bodyparts and let someone else die too…

    • I think there is also ‘brain death’?

      • Yes. Brain death is something you really can not recover from. That’s death death. When those doctors diagnosed brain death, it is even worse. Because in most countries there are very strict protocols about coming to that diagnosis.
        Look, I don’t want to score points or whatever on this. Organ donation is a very serious point that really is saving lives. Talk to kidney patients… thousands die because no suitable kidney is found in time. And still millions of suitable kidneys are rotting away for nothing. Sorry for the graffic language, but bottom line… that’s what is happening.
        And happenings like these are feeding in the fear of potential donors and potential saving of lives. And if this is one of those cases where doctors made mistakes, then there should be severe consequences for them.
        And yes, I am carrying a donor card. A Greek one.

        • Think organ donation is a very good thing. Unfortunatly, like Antoni also writes, many die due to the lack of “volunteers”.
          As it is today, pretty much everything on your body can be used again. And why not. When you nolonger need it yourself.

          Use to be a donor myself, but after having had cancer, going through chemoteraphy ect ect, im now blacklisted. Cant even give blood.