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Crete: Owner Lets Chained Dog Die in Rusty Barrel

That’s the sear animal abuse and not only! The owner of a dog let him die chained into a rusty barrel and he didn’t even bother to remove the cadaver of the unlucky soul. It is not known how the unfortunate creature died. Whether from starvation or sickness. The Animal Welfare Association of Rethymno in Crete says that the barrel dog was found in a very neat olive field and that the onwer “saw the dog dying and did nothing, let the dog die helpless.” The dog has been laying there several months.

“It was the “guardian” for his flock, or “guardian” of the field? The dog got sick and did not take drugs because nobody cared? Drowned in the chain? What does it matter. What matters is that even a dog dies helpless because no law in this country protects the animals from their owners,” the AWA says in a statement. (

PS I never understood and never will the purpose to keep in chain a barrel dog. My heart broke last summer on the island of Mytilene to see all these barrel dogs, kept in short chains, with a bowl of dirty water and no food. What’s the use of keeping a barrel dog, idiots?

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  1. How do people live with themselves after doing something like this? The idea of an animal only being important if it is useful is crap. How can a dog tied in a barrel protect anything and if it’s supposed to be helping you, help it by feeding and watering it now and again. By the way, is a barrel really the appropriate place to keep an animal? Try spending 20 minutes in one during July in Crete and if you want some water we might let you have some. You heartless, callous, MORON. You are stupid. Yes, STUPID. You are exactly like the woman I met the other day who locked a cat and 4 kittens in her apothiki because she didn’t want anyone to steal the shop fittings she had stored there. She went back after 10 days and complained about the smell. Utter stupid, MORONIC WOMAN. It’s lucky most civilised people don’t practise an eye for an eye, or you MORONS had better watch out. How can we educate planks of wood to have some feeling for anything other than money?
    I despair!

  2. Katerina Raja-Peppas

    This makes me ashamed to be (half) Greek !!! How revolting, primitive and barbaric. When will people cease to be so evil and cruel ?? I cannot stand the thought of the suffering that so many millions of innocent animals suffer every day at the hands of ignorant, selfish humans. Thank God there are those who dedicate themselves to protecting and caring for the vulnerable ones, human and animal. I send my love to all who suffer and all who seek to help them.

  3. How can a dog tied in a barrel protect anything

    Yes Julie, this part is a constant mystery to me too. What is the use of having a guard dog in your yard and then tie it up so it can not guard?

    I see it a lot around where I live too. Most of the dogs are tied up day and night. My neighbour has a dog tied up too. They have a big yard which is fenced in very well. So the dog could roam around and do what it is there for. I asked him what was the point and he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled goofy. But after a couple of days I noticed that the dog was loose in the yard and garden at night. And he has no longer a barrel but a wooden ‘house’. Ok he is still on a long leash during the day, but it’s a start.
    Our dog is never on the leash around and in the house. And nobody on the outside is ever sure where he is. Downstairs? Upstairs? In front? At the back? Do you think any thief is taking that risk with a fully grown male German Shepherd. Don’t think so. 😆
    In our village are a couple of people who are treating their dog like we do: walking them a couple of times a day and having them around free. And lately I see several more farmers taking their dogs of the leash as soon as it gets dark. The good example? Just asking them “why” is changing a lifelong habit? Who knows.
    It’s not perfect, but it’s a huge change.

  4. Tjarnar Dravenskaya

    NOT COOL. Not cool AT ALL.

    I hope these abusive people REAP what they have sown!

  5. so sad to read so many stories of how evil people can be, i could never let this happen to one of my companion friends. i will continue to help rescues as long as i can , wish everyone would. to many evil people in this world, needs agood cleansing again.