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Greek FinMin Concerned About Reduced Tobacco Prices

This Greek government has no idea what it wants. The health minister banned smoking in enclosed establishments like restaurants, cafeterias, transport means etc in order to enforce smokers to reduce the deadly habit. Also the e-cigarette was banned allegedly for containing unhealthy substances, although this action triggered strong reactions. At the same time, the Finance Ministry is concerned. No, not about the health of the taxpayers. The FinMin is concerned about tax revenues loses.  All this government wants are smokers who pay taxes and die early, so that it won’t have to pay pensions… whereas the better idea, would be healthy taxpayers who live long and pay their taxes and do not burden the bankrupt insurance funds. Or not? Maybe at the very end FinMin rambos will enforce people to smoke and pay fines if they don’t,  just for the shake of tax revenues.


Greek Taxpayer desperately tries to increase state revenues

 Finance Ministry Concerned about Reduction in Tobacco Prices.

Large tobacco companies proceeding with reductions in retail prices in an effort to stem the decline in demand alerted Greek Finance Ministry, as it causes significant losses in tax revenues.

The ministry considers changing tobacco taxes to curb the decrease in revenue. 

Recently, a major tobacco company reduced the price of its most popular brand from €4 to €3.5. Several companies have proceeded with similar moves during last months, while FinMin officials expect more reductions to come. Tobacco tax was a significant source of revenue, but it seems that the economic crisis has begun to hit demand in the sector. 

The ministry is in discussion to address the problem. In this context, it has been proposed to increase taxation in tobacco, while it is considered giver the tightening of control by Economic Crimes Enforcement Agency (SDOE) to combat tobacco smuggling. (

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