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French Solidarity Action: Get Greek Citizenship

Ordinary Europeans have joined their voices to the “Movement of Nantes” and want to be Greek out of solidarity with the citizens of the debt-ridden country. Thousands apply for  Greek citizenship as a sign of sympathy and solidarity. Internet users from member countries of the EU started the “Movement of Nantes” in order to express their support to Greeks during the difficult times of the economic crisis. They submit their applications to local consulates and embassies of Greece across Europe and require Greek citizenship.

The website “ “published a manifesto with title “The Appeal of Nantes” and slogan “I’m Greek”. Taking its name from the French city of Nantes, where the intitiative was launch, the French activists’ solidarity action with Greeks write in their manifesto:

“We are outraged by the indignity to subject the Greek people. Angered by the cowardice and lack of vision of Western governments against the dictatorship of money and infuriated by the indignity to which is currently subject to the Greek people, shamelessly accused of profligacy and fraud, collectively indicated is as guilty without being able to self-defence, doomed to an endless austerity and penance in terms reminiscent of the ratio of Marshal Petain in 1940 for the moral order.

Do not forget that those who now sacrifice to Greece for the sake of speculation, pretending hope that economic fascism will be satisfied with this small country and that they will escape.”

The French activists demand double nationality and support for Greeks also in an effort to oppose “the dictatorship of the financial markets”. They write that they are disgusted by the current humiliations imposed on the Greek people, shamefully accused of excess and dishonesty, pronounced guilty without being allowed a defence, condemned to endless austerity and penitent contrition. They want to send a clear signal and show zero tolerance towards the financial regime imposed on Greece. 

 “We wish
to express our solidarity with Greece, and to share, at least
symbolically, the fate of its people.”

The “Be Greek” initiative has been set up upon a proposal from N.e.u.f. cultural association (“Nantes Est Une Fête! “). According to Greek press, citizenship applications arrive to Greece diplomatic representations abroad from many European countries and citizens who “fell Greek at heart”.

For those interesting in participating in the action, they can copy paste the form below, fill it up and send it to Greece embassies and consulates:

“Your excellency, in solidarity with your country, I, the undersigned………….. request personally to be counted at heart a Greek, to enjoy the rights and duties of dual nationality, and to express this international citizenship with a view to the establishment of universal democracy in liberty and equality, twenty-five centuries after the time of Solon, Clisthene, and Pericles. Thanks in advance for your response, and in fraternity with your people. ”

My name, town and country of residence follow, along with my profession and other relevant personal information (blogger, musician, father, student, Hellenist, age, etc.): FAMILY NAME, First name………… Town……….. Country of residence……. Profession and other personal information…………….. “


Where to send it ? In France send a letter to l’Ambassade de Grèce, République Hellénique, 17 rue Auguste-Vacquerie, 75116 Paris (Telephone : 01 47 23 72 28, Fax : 01 47 23 73 85 ).
Copy and paste this text, or write a personalised letter to the embassy.

PS A much better initiative than the stupid “Be Greek for a Week” (un)reality show in British Channel 4, I must say.

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  1. When these people write that they will accept the duties of citizenship does this mean that they are prepared to pay a share of the tax burden? Perhaps they are happy to become Greek as they know no-one actually pays taxes here anyway

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I ‘ve thought about the tax-sharing as well. And oh, you’re so wrong! all low, middle earners/employees and pensioners pay taxes -regular and ’emergency’ before they even take a breath in the morning. It is directly deducted from salary+pension. Our French-friends could escape this if they ar enot paid by Greek employers.

    • Sorry, but I am not an employee, but own a business and have paid always every penny of taxes in this country. Stupid? Maybe. But it’s a bit offensive to hear you say that “no-one actually pays taxes here anyway”.

      • unfortunatly thats one of the biggest lies about people in Greece. That no one pays taxes. A lot of people, living abroad, think so (and are told so by different medias).

  2. Please don’t belive tha propaganda! Greek people like all the other european citizens pay taxes. The ones who don’t pay taxes are the very rich people who are at the same time our loaners!

    Furthermore I would like to mention something that the most people don’t know: The central banks of the countries like Amarican Federal Bank, Deutschen Bank, Greek Central Bank ….. are not national, are PRIVATE!

  3. I am Greek Cypriot, proud to have roots to a nation which gave birth to democracy,civilization and great ideas. What is happening to Greece is a shame that no average native Greek must take the blame for.
    Lets get serious here. Are Greeks responsible for the bankruptcy of the international system? It is at least silly to consider that as a true. “The tree with the most fruits is getting the more stones”.
    God bless Greece and their supporters!

  4. ‘what is happening to Greece is a shame that no average native Greek must take the blame for’

    What ever. All the native Greeks have to participate in paying the costs of what their government messed up by lying and cheating themselves in EU and having extraordinary goodies like retiring pretty early and and and so on. It’s ridiculous that we have to watch them digging their graves by these continuous stikes and wondering if some more money would drop from the sky endlessly.

    Well, this way that small country will first destroy itself and then drag the whole europe to a 5-year depression. And that’s only because Greek people don’t want to participate in paying the costs. I think it’s ridiculous because soon every single european owes whole 1-3 years salary only because we have tried our best to save your country. It makes me pretty pissed off.

    Don’t bother answering to this, at least to me. I don’t read it, I have done my share, so much for the endless solidarity and trying to save Greeks, since they don’t even want to be saved.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      We don’t bother to answer it – in fact we should not bother to approve the comments. But whatever…

    • iaourti iaourtaki

      “lying and cheating themselves in EU” is simple racist propaganda that most times comes out of countries that joined EU long time after Greece.

  5. Agapula thn Koukoula

    Cumberbun (comment above) sounds angry and the reality is that both him and Greeks are right. Because who really from any country wants to pay for another one who they perceive as not doing what the other one’s culture says. But, then again, I’m sure many Greeks may agree with cumberbun too, you never know.

    But, dialog is always a good thing. I’d be really curious to read back and forth debate from Cumberbun and a Greek in Greece who disagrees with him. Because I just do not know enough about what really happened to make an informed decision.

    Can we open a debate on your blog and see what happens?

  6. Greeks pay taxes. The elite got away with robbing the country and now the people suffer. It’s good to see people rise up and a show any form of solidarity against this monetary dictatorship who’s grasp far outreaches the borders of Greece. Greece may be the main country discussed, but the dangers of this banking cartel running the world are all too real for every nation on the planet.