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THE Epiphany-Video:Waves Overturn Boat with Priest

The Epiphany tradition wants Greek Orthodox priests to throw the Cross into the water and Greek Orthodox believers to jump into the cold water and catch the Cross. However this tradition had almost a fatal effect to one priest and six ambitious young divers due the rough weather in Scala of Makrysgialos in Pieria. At 10 o clock in the morning believers had gathered at the beach to attend the ceremony. The priest went on board with the young divers and the boat set sail for off shore. Just minutes after the start, strong winds and high waves brought the boat upside down and all passengers fell into the ice cold water.


The audience on shore got panicked and watched the incident with strong heart-beating.

Video: the moment waves overturn the boat

The divers and the policemen from an accompanying boat manage to rescue the aging priest who was taken to a hospital for a health check.

All seven people survived the incident without injuries and together with other believers will remember this incident until the end of their days.

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  1. Yesterday it looked like we could just toss any old cross into the air and drown while staring up at it… Have seen a lot of rain in my life, but this one was in the top 10. *blub*