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“Indignant” Greeks Return to Syntagma Sq on Jan 15/12

After months of silence “indignant Greeks” will return to Syntagma and occupy the Square opposite of the Greek Parliament. With the slogan “No, I Won’t Shut UP!” Greeks will take it back to the streets on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 at 6 pm. They will protest the economic and political stalemate in the country. The occupy movement was cracked down last summer when police forces removed the Indignant tents and forbade the protesters to return to the square. the official justification was the the tents, the people and the protests were harming the tourism in Athens. 

The year 2011 plunged Greece into the biggest economic crisis and brought it to the brink of a total bankruptcy. Millions of Greeks suffered unsustainable economic measures. Thousands of Greeks protested for several days outside the Greek Parliament, shouted in favor of labor rights, fair taxation system and repeatedly called the government to resign. The booes against the politicians and the typical Greek gesture of Moutza were topping the protesters’ agenda.

Will the protests revive or Greeks will stay home fearing tear gas and police clubs attacks?

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