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Athens: 1 Injured, 3 Detentions as “Indignant” Greeks Return to Syntagma Square (video, pcts)

After six months of silence, “indignant” Greeks returned to Syntagma Square in downtown Athens. The crowds started to flock in front of the Greek Parliament at five o’ clock in the afternoon, as Prime Minister Lucas Papademos was meeting German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle at the nearby located PM’s Maximos Mansion.


Protesters At Greek Parliament

Two hours later and as the crowd had grown up to 2,000 people, some minor clashes erupted between the riot police and the “indignant” Greeks, resulting in the light injury of one protester.

Video: riot police pushes protesters

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Media reported that the riot police started pushing the protesters away from Amalias Avenue between Syntagma Sq and the Parliament in order to give it free to vehicles traffic.

Gentlemen from Traffic police open  the way to vehicles (more pictures

One protester got slightly injured, while the police detained three people.

Protesters claim the police just wanted to stop the general assembly that had stated at the square.

Protesters, Riot Police outside Greek Parliament ( Greek blog)

 There are also reports that the number of riot policemen was double than that of the protesters.

 Dispite the icy cold, people found their way in front of the Greek parliament to chant anti-government and anti-Troika slogans and raise protest banners, calling the Greek Government and the Troika to leave the country.

“When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance becomes a Duty” ( photo @cocobilly)


Earlier in front of the Greek Parliament ( photo Twitter @patsiko)

In a joint action, protesters distributed food packages to homeless at Syntagma Sq. 

Apparently there has been a call for the next meeting to take place on Wednesday, Jan 18/2012.

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