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Loukanikos: Athens Riot Dog Enjoys Return of “Indignant” Greeks (video)

That was a real “Long Time Not Seen” and a happy “Glad to see you, Wuff-ack”. Athens famous riot dog Loukanikos returned to Syntagma Square together with the “Indignant” Greeks on Sunday and took immediately position and joined the “indignant” front.  When the riot policemen tried to push the demonstrators away from the Greek Parliament, Loukanikos raised his voice. Together with the woman shouting “I will not shut up!” or the crowd booing the police action. Loukanikos loud barking was a very clear protest against the riot police, the harsh austerity and the Troika.

Enjoy the video featuring Louk after 2:10 min and at the end of the footage

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 The video was uploaded in Youtube by Twitter @cocobilly

Loukanikos is the most famous riot dog worldwide. Read more about him here

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