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Two Greek Pilots Safe After Serious F-16 Incident

A serious F-16 incident with possible fatal consequences was averted due to the prowess of the Greek pilots on Thursday morning at the NATO Larissa Air Base.  The two-seater fighter jet, type F-16D Blk 52 from the 110 Combat Wing was on “touch and go” training when the landing gear of the aircraft did not open properly with the effect that the F-16 was dragged all along the runway. In full mental alertness the two pilots managed to bring the F-16 into halt. The Air Base was immediately set on alert, the Base personnel was mobilized, helicopters took rescue position, nets were opened and foam was spread around the F-16.

Greek media report that there has been some damage to the limbs and external tanks of the F-16.

The leadership of Greek Air Force ordered all F-16 to be grounded with the exception those “on readiness” that will be checked upon their return.

There is a full investigation going on about  the causes of the incident.

The F-16s of Blk 52 in Larissa, Chania (Crete) and Agchialos (Volos) are the most modern purchases gracing the Greek Air Force fleet.

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