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Athens: They Stole Charity Meals for the Needy

This robbery stuns us as unknown burglars made the ‘big deal’ and stole foodstuff that was donated to prepare charity meals for 75 needy people. The robbery occurred at Agios Antonios Church in Peristeri, a suburb of western Athens.  The loot was consisting of 200 liter oil, 500 chicken, 80 kilos pulses , 70 kilos pasta and 150 boxes of milk.

The robbers broke into the storage of the church charity kitchen and took with them all possible foodstuff from the shelves and deep freezers but also kitchen utensils like frying pans and pots.

The foodstuff was donated by people participating in the common charity action organized by the Church of Greece and private television Skai.

The Church was providing with a free meal 75 needy people of the local community. The charity kitchen remains closed for one week and the mayor of Peristeri stated that the municipality will not let down the needy residents of the suburb.

Police investigates the case.

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  1. You mention that they stole “80 kilos pulses”. Now, do you mean they stole 80 Kilos of Heartbeats or “Pulses”.


    Or did you mean Legumes?