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UPD: Famous Greek Journalist Detained for Tax Evasion

UPD: The trial has been set for May 2012, as the journalist told the court that he had already paid one installment of 15,000 euro. Further he said that the day he was detained he had visited the local tax office to arrange a regulation of his debt. (

Veteran journalist Seraphim Fyntanidis was detained on Tuesday for owing the Greek Finance Ministry several thousands euro in Value Added Tax. the original debt was 55,000 euro but it summed up to 135,000 euro due to penalties and interest rates. According to Greek police, the 75-year old journalist was owing this money as being a co-owner of a communication company. He will be lead to court tomorrow. (TA NEA)

Seraphim Fyntanidis was editor in chief of liberal newspaper Eleftherotypia for many decades.

PS Much to my knowledge tax evaders are being detained when they owe to the state more than 150,000 euro. Just last night I heard on a television channel that the Finance Ministry was considering to lower the debts cap to 100,000 euro. Weird, weird….

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