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Homeless in Freezing Athens (videos) – Any Blankets to Spare?

While some of us enjoy a heated home or the magic of the fire place, many people spend their days and icy cold nights on the streets. Several blankets and cartons give shelter to these men and women, those young and old who for some reason made the hard pavements their home. While in the past, the homeless were considered just the society outcasts the profile of the homeless has change. The economic crisis violently kicked men, women and even families out of their homes, Men and women who experience the nightmare of unemployment, the sharp drop of their income and became unable to maintain four walls and a ceiling over their head. 20,000 to 25,000 people are estimated by non-governmental organizations to live on the streets of Greece.

The reporters of news portal
Άστεγοι Αθήνα Κλαυθμώνος από News247“> went on the streets of  the Greek capital the previous nights and with their cameras captured the moments of homeless living in freezing Athens. When temperatures dropped below zero.

Video: Monastiraki

Άστεγοι Αθήνα Μοναστηράκι από News247

The Athens Municipality has opened several public facilities to give shelter to homeless. However quite a number of them prefer to stay on the streets in order not to miss the ‘nest’ they have reserved on the street or a park bench.

Video: Ippokratous Street

Άστεγοι Αθήνα Ιπποκράτους από News247

On icy cold nights, some homeless seek shelter in public hospitals and NGO’s appeal to hospital personnel  to keep these people inside as their health is in danger due to living on the streets.
Video: Panepistimou Avenue

Άστεγοι Αθήνα Κλαυθμώνος από News247

Units from the social department of Athens municipality and volunteers walk the streets and try to locate homeless. Offer them a cup of a hot drink and soup, a blanket, a sleeping bag.

If you have blankets, sleeping bags, winter clothes and even food to donate you can call 2105246515 and 2103410462 (Athens Municipality numbers). You can also call these numbers if you locate a homeless person.

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  1. Maybe Mrs.Merkel, Mr Lucas Papademos and the Troika should spend a week with these poor people they have left out on the street and in the cold before they pass any more judgment on Greece…

  2. tony, maybe they do help? But consider this… As I drive thru Athens, I encounter the gauntlet of Immigrants all attempting to wash my window at every traffic light. Sure, I help a few and even give change when the window doesn’t need washing sometimes, but what happens after I approach the 10th, 11th etc person and I don’t give everyone of them money and then they look at me with contempt, saddness etc, but what can I do as I can’t help all of them.