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Athens: Health Workers Protest with a …Coffin (video)

Several hundreds of public hospital personnel demonstrated on Thursday morning outside the Greek health Ministry in downtown Athens. Some of the angry protesters were holding a coffin…  other chanted “No to salaries of 2, 5, 10 and 20 euro!” Despite the rain and the freezing cold, the demonstrators followed the call of the “Federation of Health Care Personnel” and raised their voice against the payment practice that left them to spend the month of February with an average wage of 5 to 20 euro or maximum 100 euro .

Video: Protesters carry the coffin

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Public hospitals personnel was integrated in the new civil servants payroll that cut their wages with a delay of two months. In November, December and January health workers were paid according to the old payroll. In February the Health Ministry kept retrospectively the wages that had paid them. With the effect that the health workers will have to pay ack the additional money they had received in February, March and April.  80,000 people will have to spend the upcoming months without money…

Ethnos newspaper published the example of a nurse, mother of two, who will receive in February a ‘tip’ of €18.90 instead of her monthly salary, after €580 for her private loan repayment installment has also been directly deducted from the month’s income. 

Furthermore wages have been decreased as of 1.1.12 due to income tax increases and the advanced payment of the so-called ‘solidarity tax’ directly from employees’ salary.

The protesters demanded that they pay back the additional salaries they had received in installments. Otherwise they can not feed their families.

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