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Greece’s Neo-Homeless Seek Shelter at Airport

This is another shocking evidence about Greece’ “Neo”- Homeless,  middle class people who fell victim of the economic crisis. In a thrilling report published in daily Eleftheros Typos, workers at Eleftherios Venizelos, Greece’s biggest airport. speak of dozens of people who seek shelter in the area, pretending to be airlines passengers.

“Usually they try to deceive the security personnel, therefore they often carry with them a suitcase or a bunch of magazines” as if they’re waiting either to travel or to pick up some passenger on arrival.

Speaking to newspaper, Yiannis, 43, explains why he seeks shelter at the airport. “I have lost everything. My oown people. I have no money, neither a home. The night is dangerous, I am afraid to sleep on park benches therefore I come to the airport.”

“I remember one night I saw a homeless man to shave himself  in the rest room. It froze my  heart. I think of the suffering of  all these people. How can we throw them out?  And then? Where will they go?” an airport worker confessed to Eleftheros Typos.Indeed, it is often very difficult to distinguish as among the  homeless are welldressed people who lost their homes recently due to debts and seek some place to spend the night.

 As the newspaper notes, the homeless arrive at the airport with the shuttle buses, they spend the night at the seats of the arrivals and departures and leave with the first light of the dawn.

Speaking to the newspaper, Ada Alamanou from  “Klimaka”, an NGO that deals with homeless, said that homeless in Greece are estimated to be 20,000. She stressed the need to build capacities to offer shelter to those who found themselves on the streets from one day to the next.


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  1. I am sorry to say that I fear this is only the start of the problem. The EU. and their puppet governments can only push and wring the people so far – there will be a huge backlash in Greece and parts of Europe if this madness continues.

  2. Will repost your story tomorrow with all due credit.

  3. So now we start to see the reality of the “austerity measures”.

    If they continue on this path Greece will never recover. What is needed is incentives to kick start business, a bonfire of the byzantine rules and regulations which make starting a business in this country a nightmare of utterly pointless paperwork and red tape. They need to make inward investment attractive, not a minefield of petty bureaucratic hoops which you have to jump through.

    Politicians are the same the world over. They have no experience of the real world and what makes it tick. They haven’t got a clue what it takes to run a business. Most of them have never had a real job. Homeless people are just statistics to them – politicians will never freeze their asses off sleeping rough. Abject poverty to them is having to downgrade from an ‘S’ class Mercedes to an ‘E’ class Mercedes.

    Why do we vote for these useless cretins? All they’re interested in is lining their own pockets. The whole system needs to be changed. For starters, it should be mandatory that every MP should have a minimum ten years in industry or running a business. At least then they might understand the ramifications of their policy decisions.